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I wasn’t really planning on blogging, but Vivi Rose was so cute today she leaves me no choice :-)

Firstly, she said bye-bye to her daddy when he left for work after lunch, accompanied by a wave. Three times she said it.

Then she said it to me later, when I did a pretend departure. And she said it to her grandparents when they left after their visit this evening. And called out an extra “Bye” after them as they went out the door :-)

She has also been saying num-num when she is eating but only if it something she likes. She’s been doing that for a couple of months.

Then there’s been plenty of ‘mama’s’. Not sure if she knows that’s me, lol. I do get a lot of them directed at me.

Lately there have been some ‘baba’s and ‘dada’s too.

Oh, and she has started making a beautiful, guttural ‘g’ sound, which is directed squarely at any ‘lig’ (light).

So not exactly sure which classifies as her first word, but they seem to be coming thick and fast.

Cute thing that happened today, I was feeding her her bottle and we were listening to Baby Genius’ 100 favourite children’s songs. So she started to clap (she’s big on clapping, for the last month or so) but the bottle was in the way! :-)

She loves msuic, and clapping to it. Has quite a nice sense of rythym, too.

Also loves her books. Almost as much as TV :-P The latter is limited, but she loves Baby Genius and Barney. One of those things I vowed my baby wouldn’t do!

Today, when daddy got home for lunch, she was in her walking ring. He opened up the back door for the dogs to go out, and madam followed in their wake. (Heavily supervised by us). She navigated the doorstep and the step off the little stoep with utter confidence (thank heavens for a very stable walking ring!) and took off on the paving with squeals of delight. Her and I took turns smelling the potted roses, me making sure she didn’t reach for a thorny branch. I want to relocate the potted roses for the Winter so that she has more space to run in her walker.

All in all, a very fun day:-)

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June 3, 2015 at 10:58 pm

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Time to pick up the ol’ blog…

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Bet everyone will be surprised to see a post from me in their blog feed reader. Haha.

But yes, it is time to start blogging again. I am losing too many precious memories by not journaling. And blogging seems to be the best way for me to journal. For a lot of us :-)

I’m surprised I haven’t been blogging more, because it has been going really bad with my MS, and that is usually a trigger for me to blog.

But the thing is, I have been feeling too bad to blog. It has taken till now for me to be able to type reasonably again. At a stage it was almost impossible, that’s how badly my hand co-ordination was affected.

I’ve just been treated for a relpase. I was in hospital for two nights (7th and 8th May), which was kind of awful, being away from my Vivi Rosebud. Luckily, Michael is an extremely hands-on and capable father and they coped just fine without me.

The morning I was discharged, Vivi didn’t really want to smile at me, or make eye-contact much. She was confused at my two day disappearance (even though she did see me in hospital a couple of times).
She did get over it quickly, once she realised I was back to stay.
And that night we had a very special cuddle, with plenty of giggles and her stroking my face and hair so, so gently for ages. She held hippo (her lovey) up for me to kiss, and then dissolved into giggles when I did. Then she held her little hand up for me to kiss, looked deep into my eyes and stroked my cheek.
It was an incredibly special welcome home from hospital.

The relapse that I had treated was a scary one. The right side of my face suddenly got quite paralyzed. The corner of my mouth drooped, and speech got markedly difficult and slurred. My eye was sort of hanging, as well. And this all within the space of 24 hours. I phoned my neurologist, who said better that I have IV steroids a.s.a.p. I’ve subsequently been to Jhb to see him and he confirmed that it was a relapse, explained the whereabouts of the nerve damage, with the aid of some helpful diagrams and told me that it might take up to three months to recover!

Over the next day or two, I experienced disturbing muscle tone issues in my mouth, really battling to eat and swallow. Things that we all take way for granted, like moving food around your mouth with tongue, became challenging.

Today, though, I have noticed quite a dramatic improvement. With any lcuk, recovery will be speedy because I treated so soon. (Really, Wednesday I noticed problems with my speech, Thursday, I noticed that my smile was decided lopsided, and by Thursday evening, I was mainlining the first of my solu-medrol drips.) Hopefully this limited the rampage that such a relapse can wreak.

So, I’m over the worst. Relapse has been treated, and I am mostly over my cortisone crash. Which is no more fun than I remember it ever being.

This morning, Vivienne and I even went to our Mother’s and Miracles class, which we have skipped for a while.

Vivi is a truly remarkable child. I am in awe every day.

While I get into the swing of blogging again, here are a couple of highlights:

Teeth: two adorable little bottom teeth.
Crawling: yes, from the age of nine months.
Waving at her mommy: yes! As of a couple of days ago, and it justs melts me.

Rocky start, but hopefully it will become a habit again :-)

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May 14, 2015 at 4:50 pm

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3 months old today

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In honour of Vivienne’s three month anniversary, I decided to start up my blog again. I have so much to share, all of it very good at this point.

I survived the pregnancy, obviously, although it was pretty rough going. Not something I am going to repeat in a hurry. Or ever.

But I am SO glad I did it. So glad it happened; so glad this little angel was sent to us. I have never been happier in my life.

Vivienne, who we are calling Vivi, is just the most amazing baby. She has the sweetest personality and she is just so easy. Everything that a good baby should do, she does. She eats well, poos well, sleeps well and is so social and friendly to everyone. And she’s so beautiful.

I’ll tackle the backstory, including the birth and our first weeks in the near future.

But at least we are back online.

Thank you for the all the supportive  comments, especially during the last few months of my pregnancy. I appreciated them so much.

Hopefully, this is going to be a fun blog from now on :-)

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October 17, 2014 at 10:49 pm

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Tomorrow is V-day!

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Finally. My little Vivi Rosebud’s birth day has arrived.

I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore. My right foot looks like a sausage and I have a cankle. This was enough of a worry to have a doppler test done to check for thrombosis yesterday. Luckily, I got the all-clear on that.

Gynaecologist said anaesethiologist is not happy giving me a spinal block because of the MS. I have been worried about this too. So it will be general anaesthetic. I feel happier about this.

To my dear little Vivienne:

I wish you a safe passage to the outside world tomorrow, my little sweetheart.

I can’t wait to see your little face and hold you in my arms.

I love you so much already.

Tomorrow is going to be so wonderful :-)

Scary, but the most wonderful day ever!

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July 16, 2014 at 5:53 pm

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6 Nights to go :-)

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Beary dog has been studiously ignoring my belly for months now :-) But she is not leaving my side for long. I know both dogs are going to be so delighted to have a little one in the house. We won’t ever have to have an Au Pair, because Vivienne will have her own two Au Bears :-)

Time getting short now before our little sweetheart arrives!

The last two nights I have snored Michael awake when I turn on my back, lol. I guess no-one said pregnancy was all glamour :-)

These past couple of days have been so cold. People’s water pipes have been bursting. We will tell Vivi one day of the freezing Winter when she was born! Very cold July!

Luckily the hospital where I deliver is notoriously hot! Because I suspect once my little internal hot water bottle is out in the world, I am going to get nice and cold.

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July 11, 2014 at 5:02 pm

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7 nights to go…

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Only 7 nights to go until we meet our little Vivienne Rose.

Getting very exciting now!!

Check out my pregnancy ticker: 38 weeks, currently.

It’s been a long haul, but Vivi-bunny and I have come so far.

And is little missy ever active at night! Daddy has to spoon us, and talk to us, and then it’s just knees and bum and feet, making such bumps in my tummy. I do love it. So glad we are getting to experience it.

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July 10, 2014 at 6:08 pm

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Vivienne’s song

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Apparently one is supposed to sing to one’s unborn baby.

Oh, I had such plans for this pregnancy. I was going to listen to loads of classical music, sings songs, be ultra-relaxed, eat so well, exercise gently for the whole nine months…

Alas, the MS had other ideas. It has broken me down.

Still, I do try and sing her her little song a couple of times a day…

(to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

Twinkle. twinkle Vivi-bun,
Such a special little one.
Deep inside my tummy-tum,
Gonna have a lot of fun!
Twinkle, twinkle Vivi-bun,
what a special little one :-)

Written by Maggie

June 26, 2014 at 9:37 pm

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