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As far as my new and improved lifestyle goes, I reckon I’m off to a good start.

Today, I went for the body cleanse ion detox again. With it came the associated energy boost and I was able to do 80 laps in the pool without even breaking a sweat (metaphorically, of course) It was so nice. Draco was there, and he’s getting really tame 😉 He keeps swooping down right in front of me, almost as if he’s egging me on. I’m pretty sure it was Draco, because a) I’ve only ever seen one dragonfly at the pool at any given time, and unless they have time-share in the pool, it’s the same one. And b) obviously I recognize Draco when I see him! But enough about that. I got outta the pool pretty speedily when the thunder started rumbling. A lot of people get killed by lightning in SA (which has the largest number of ‘hits’ of any country, by far) and I don’t intend being one of them.

We had some lovely rain yesterday, and the temperature did drop a bit. It’s still insanely hot, but more manageable. The other day, we rode past a thermometer at a restaurant, outside but in the shade, and it read 43 degrees celsius!!

I went to the hypermarket with my mom today. I was, with the aid of the shopping trolley, gallivanting around like a completely normal shopper. I do tend to get a bit aggro if anyone attempts to take the trolley away from me, though 🙂 I have a pathological fear of running out of toilet-paper, and as we were down to our last bog-roll, I had to brave the teeming masses to secure some. Afterwards, I found it hard to get from the car into the house, a combination of the heat and the exertion. But following Dermott o’ Connor’s advice, I took the emotion out of the negative thoughts I was thinking. Instead of saying “I’m so exhausted/ fatigued/ disabled” etc., I plonked myself down on the couch, said, “I’m just gathering some energy” and listened to my ‘stunning’ classical CD for half an hour and then was good to go. All without the emotionally draining and tail-chasing thought pattern of why the hell do my legs give in when they feel like it? Which is generally followed by a chocolate or some sort of comfort food, which I didn’t need, as I didn’t require comforting. So far, so good. Out with the negative old, in with the positive new. And I do mean super-positive. I’m reprogramming my psyche. None of this old ‘I have ms, I will get worse shit’. No sir. Everytime I am on the internet, out pops another tale of someone who is cured of ms by changes in lifestyle. I see no reason why I can’t be one of them.

I will still be going on the drug trials, because I don’t believe in choosing between conventional and alternative medicine. I say do whatever works. Try it all. And I’ve always liked the idea of having a back-up plan.

I ate well today. Pre-fast prep back on schedule. I had only fruit today, and tomorrow I will make  some carrot and celery juice for myself. No-one said this was going to be easy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. And it is fun, because it’s challenging, and it’s keeping me busy.

Written by Maggie

January 31, 2007 at 9:38 pm

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  1. I really admire you – SO MUCH. You are such an inspiration, so positive and amazing!

    Broom Girl

    February 1, 2007 at 6:26 am

  2. I am glad to hear that you are doing so great!!!! I just love your positive outlook – is truly and inspiration to anyone!!!

    Take Care


    February 1, 2007 at 2:05 pm

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