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Shoulder better!

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My shoulder is much better today, yay! It still gives a twinge or two every now and then, but on the whole, much improved. Phew, it had me worried there. What would I do without my right arm? Have you ever thought about it? Hypothetically, a person would be in deep sh*t.

Unfortunately, my hips are burning and sore now, having had to ‘go it alone’ for a couple of days, no support from the armies. (Ha ha, I do crack myself up, awful habit of mine. Especially because most of the time, no-one else knows why I’m laughing. With the notable exeption of Michael. We share the same crazy sense of humour.)

Anyway, my hips are sore for above reason, but also because I need to go take some serious ‘roids. Walking is way too wobbly. We have to go to JHB on Friday though, so I’ll take it after that.

But seeing as my shoulder should be 100% in a coupla days, better that I start getting ready to begin my stretching program. I bought this brilliant ‘how to’ book by Bob Anderson. Also, I really need to go for some physio therapy. Really really!

I had my Ion Detox today and it went pretty good. I get on very well with the practitioner. She’s a very kind soul.

Other than that, it’s quiet here on the home-front. Yesterday I spent just about the entire day in bed, and it was B-O-R-I-N-G. Which is a really pathetic viewpoint of mine. I mean, what a brilliant opportunity to get some serious meditation done. But no. I hate being forced to do something, lol. In my defense, my shoulder was quite alarmingly sore. Oh well. Thank heavens it’s better. At least now I only have the pain that I’m familiar with. See, clouds and silver linings, and all that…

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February 28, 2007 at 3:15 pm

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Bed rest

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Hi all

My last post seems to have published, to my relief. I thought it was the end of my blogging career, because I don’t have it in me to change servers again.

I’m in a bit of a pickle at the moment. I have injured¬†my right shoulder muscle swimming. A sports injury, doesn’t that sound impressive? ūüėČ I know exactly how I did it. As I finish each lap, I sort of twist my body around, using my right¬†hand.¬†On Sunday, I did this 70 times (I did 72 laps) and I felt a twinge in my shoulder at one stage. From yesterday, it was bloody sore – hope I haven’t done serious damage. Why I’m in a pickle, is that I rely heavily on my arms to compensate for lack of strength and balance in my legs. So I’m really taking care of my shoulder at this stage. I’m doing as little as possible with my right arm and haven’t even gone downstairs today, as that will mean leaning on the hand-rail. (There is only one on the right hand side). Basically, I’m doing everything I can to help it mend. I’ve realised how important my arms are to me. As soon as my shoulder is feeling better, I’m going to embark on a special stretching program.

Michael and family went eating out. It was touch and go, but I decided to stay home. Getting washed and dressed alone would have been too much for my shoulder. I was there in spirit, though, lol.

My lovely detox practitioner is coming to see me tomorrow here at home for a session. Very kind of her. I don’t want to miss a detox again, but I can’t really use my walker, because of the shoulder, and it’s quite hard getting into her house, as there is a fancy little footpath, made from planks of wood, leading into it. Don’t know how I’ll tidy up though, with this arm. Oh well.

Afterwards, she will be going to see that other lady with ms that I mentioned who is bedridden. I so hope that the Ion Cleanse will help her too.

Must go now, even typing is aggravating arm.

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February 27, 2007 at 2:05 pm

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Missing in action.

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I know I’ve been awol for a while. In my defense, however, I wrote a lovely post on Friday about Aesop’s Fables, complete with history and links and personal anecdotes. Published it to wordpress and then… it just disappeared. Bummer! Since then I haven’t felt all that motivated to post an entry. The Aesop’s thing is haunting me, but I can’t bring myself to rewrite it. Maybe at a later stage.

Thought I better give an update on the Fingolimod trials. Here goes, I am experiencing no side-effects whatsoever on the drug. No improvement (although that is not the job of this drug, it is supposed to reduce relapses, and active lesions on the brain). I am still having relapse symptoms, but I was having a relapse before I ever started on these trials, to be fair). The jury is still out to a certain extent whether I am on the placebo or not, but it does seem unlikely considering the marked drop in pulse-rate that I experienced on initiating the drug. Still holding thumbs for the best.

I actually wanted to take a dose of IV cortisone this weekend. Fortunately, I didn’t as I am feeling a bit better, and that would have been solidly attributed to the meds. Actually, I think I have the swimming to thank for that. I’ve started up again, and it’s doing me a lot of good.¬†

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February 26, 2007 at 9:45 am

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Black cloud gone!

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I wasn’t consciously aware of it as such, but there has been a little balck cloud hovering over me the past couple of days. Helped along by certain recent events, the chief one being that I overexerted myself. Must learn not to do that. At least until such time as I’m feeling better.

Doing better today, though. Went for an ion-detox this morning, and I already feel better. My readings were quite a bit lower than last time I went. Was expecting that. They did perk up again after the detox though. Tomorrow, the practitioner is very kindly giving me a complimentary Footology session. It’s similar to reflexology. Don’t know all that much about it, but what I do know is that I will be having my feet massaged for two hours. That sounds good, doesn’t it? Yeah!

I made a real breakthrough with my piano playing today. I’m talking leaps and bounds here. I tried playing Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer years ago, way before I got ms. It is a very tricky piece. But fabulous, if you can actually manage to play it. Anyway, so years ago I had trouble with some of the chords of the right hand. For those of you who know anything about music, you have to play three notes at a time, a chord of middle C, E and C an octave up. Then you have to play a succession of these three note chords, quickly. I always kind of missed a note or two of the chords and produced a jangling cacophony of sounds. (Oh, and while concentrating on the right hand chords, the left hand is at it, too. A lot to think of).

I recently started working on The Entertainer again, although I didn’t hold out a lot of hope. But finally, finally! I saw the light. I wasn’t opening my fingers wide enough! Sounds simple, but do you know what a difference it has made? I have to kind of splay my fingers wide open to manage it, but it’s already sounding much better. Better than it did years ago when I was on top of my game ūüėČ It will still take a LOT of hard work. But it looks like my fantasy of playing that piece properly might come true. Hey! Maybe I’ll be a lounge pianist yet.

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February 22, 2007 at 5:43 pm

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Go and check out this gorgeously cute video of Donna’s kitties:¬†Heart-melting.

I don’t feel so hot today. N0o, that’s a lie, I feel too hot. Just not that perky. It’s been coming a couple of days, so it’s not just yesterday’s upset that is responsible.

Thing is, my left leg is busy going numb up to the thigh. My left arm is also feeling a bit weird. I may have to gets some ‘roids before the week is out, and we all know what a very good mood that puts me in! Yesterday was my three month anniversary of the last time I had. Well, at least that is something.

I’m going to hold out till the end of the week, though for a couple of reasons. 1) This heat doesn’t do anyone any good, and could be responsible for this exacerbation. 2) I’m going for a Body Cleanse Ion Detox tomorrow. I haven’t been in about two weeks, and when I first started with it, it took away some nasty new symptoms that I was experiencing at the time (totally unorecedented for any alternative therapy). 4) I’m eating better and that should start kicking in soon. 5) I’m starting up the swimming again. So yeah, I’ll give it a couple of days.

One positive thing the quack of yesterday said, was that I have lovely high levels of serotonin in my brain. She said she can see that I laugh a lot. (Impossible¬†not to if you live with Michael). Of course, just before that, she asked if I’ve had a lot of emotional stress in my life. When I said not really, she quickly amended¬†it to high serotonin levels.

Must say though, ms does tend to come with a fair amount of emotional stress, part and parcel.

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February 21, 2007 at 3:00 pm

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Bad experience

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Yesterday’s trip to the bio-resonance practitioner was a bit of a waste of time. A lot, actually. And the more I thought of the things she had said, the more upset I became.

I think she’s a bit of a quack. Now, I’m not writing off the Quantum machinery itself, or the bio-feedback techniques. I think they are invaluable and great steps forward on the more alternative side of medicine. But the practitioner wasn’t genuine. She’s obviously in it for the¬† money, and I never got much for my money at that.

I had to sign one hell of an indemnity form, which all became clear afterwards when she gave me a truly awful concoction to get rid of my supposed gallstones. What a joke. Don’t you think I may have noticed if I had gallstones? The recipe called for four teaspoons of epsom salts, grapefruit juice and olive oil. I probably would have said goodbye to this world if I had drank it. No, man!

The recommended ‘diet’ for my individual system turned out to be the blood-group diet, which I don’t buy into at all. The diet is far worse than the one I’m currently on. It was merely a one size fits all computer printout. So much for being unique. The woman is completely clueless about diet. I know how to eat. I don’t always practise it, but I’ve read enough books on the subject.

She picked my brains like a fortune-teller to come up with her ‘findings’. I was so disappointed. And the things she did come up, were nothing new to me, and she phrased it in a way that really upset me.

Like she said that ms is like a slow version of what happens when somebody commits suicide by gassing themselves in a car. She said first of all the legs become paralysed, then the rest of the body, then the breathing, and then when the person changes their mind and wants to get out, they can’t. What an awful thing to tell somebody with ms!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she then came up with another analogy. She said when you spray a bug with insecticide, you paralyse its central nervous system, and it is paralysed. It doesn’t die, just gets swept out the door, where it later dies of hunger and exposure. That bug has ms, she finished.

She was doing heavy-sell all the while, even asking me what my husband does for a living so she could determine our income and buying capacity.

I feel like I was totally screwed over.

But oh well, I guess you win some, you lose some.

As soon as I arrived at the place, I felt that something was amiss. There were pictures just of her on the wall, for example. In her place of work. Must have been at least twenty.

What bothered me the most, was that she didn’t explain the process to me, even though I was asking questions. And you know how much I like to know what’s going on. No, she just told me all the things that are wrong with me. Including my liver. Surely all those specialists that I went to (who did specific tests on liver function) would have picked something up? She had a lot else to say, but I’m not even going to mention them.
(BTW I can’t get the italics off, for some reason. And yes, I do know how).
Better luck next time, I hope. But not with that charlaton.

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February 21, 2007 at 12:17 pm

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De la Rey

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Michael came home for lunch with a nice bag of goodies for us. I bribed him to go to Woolworths for me, and get me some Woolies apples (the only kind I eat). Also a little tub of coriander, for which I have acquired quite a taste. And a packet of dates for a treat. I am making a last-ditch attempt to rectify my eating habits, lol. Maybe I’ll give up some stuff for Lent, that should help. Today I’ve only had fruit so far, and for supper I plan on having some nice veggies (butternut, potato and spinach) and and some mung-beans that I’ve sprouted with some Woolies health-bread toast. See, I’m trying.

Another thing that M bought was a new CD for us. I think I’ve mentioned before that him and I are very into Afrikaans music. And a new Afrikaans song that has taken the country by storm, is De la Rey, by Bok van Blert. I heard it for the first time yesterday evening on our local magazine programme, Carte Blanche. A lot of people are in uproar about it.

You see, it’s a lovely¬†catchy song about the Anglo-Boer war. Ancient history! But South Africans, being South Africans, have decided to make it political and racial.¬†The Boere-Volk have decided to adopt it as their song for this generation. They sing it patriotically at sports events like it is an anthem. And the non-Boere-volk (to put it very diplomatically) have decided that the song is somehow against them.¬†

What a storm in a teacup! All because someone sang a historical song about a famous Boer general who led his people into war. Is it so different from songs like Waterloo?

I myself am half Boer, half British. First and foremost a South African, but I have European heritage on both sides. I’m probably more proud of my Boer heritage, because we are an extremely proud nation. Very, very focused on culture and tradition. The British tried to wipe out the Afrikaner language and heritage back in the days when SA was a British colony. Hence the Anglo-Boer war. Nowadays, Afrikaans is again heading for endangered species territory. That is why (I think) Afrikaners are a bit on the defensive about their culture, and why they are embracing a song about their previous (over a century ago) hardships.

Like the person being interviewed on Carte Blanche said, the students that are sitting teary-eyed in pubs, actually get into their luxury BMW’s to drive home. Their suffering is imagined.

I don’t know what to make of the racial undertones of the song, however. Probably there is a communal memory of the last time the Afrikaners banded together so fiercely, which was during the apartheid years. I don’t know.

But people should seriously consider putting all this racist nonsense behind them. How are we ever going to move forward as a country if everyone is still holding bitter grudges in their hearts. We gotta lighten up here.

In the meantime, I am really enjoying De la Rey. Catchy, catchy tune.

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February 19, 2007 at 3:28 pm

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