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Crap Saturday.

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Well, last night I kinda bombed out on my diet a bit. I had four blueberry muffins and a bowl of sweetened yoghurt. Not so bad, I hear you say? True, but bear in mind that I had been eating exclusively raw, super-healthy foods three days prior to that, and had committed to staying on my Healing Code nutrition plan. And the worst thing about me is that once I have broken my diet, I’m not content with leaving it at that. I usually go full steam ahead at that point, flaps down and have a proper binge. And yes, that is on course.

But I’m not going to beat myself up about that one slip. No, I have far better things to beat myself up about  than that. I’m being an hormonal bitch today, and no mistake. Fabricating things to feel guilty about, feeling weepy, being extremely irritated with my husband, who is of course innocence itself. (Yeah right!)So yes, today is not a brilliant day for me. And the worst is, I know that I will probably pay the price for this, health-wise. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of my life. (Ha ha. Who can tell me which movie that came from?) Hopefully not though, if I pull myself together as of now. 

Actually, today kind of sucked. I’m not going to elaborate on it, as I want to try and put it behind me asap. Let me just say that I’ll try harder tomorrow. I was feeling a bit negative about my new program. Like, would it really work, or am I wasting my time? Then I firmly told myself that a) it has already worked for many people and b) if I’ve done the program for a minimum of eight weeks, and seen no results whatsoever, then I reserve the right to be a teensy bit negative. But not a second before that.

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February 3, 2007 at 11:25 pm

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