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Sunday seems to be a bit better than Crapurday. (That would be yesterday). I feel a lot calmer which is already a start. I bit tired though, I wonder why? lol.

I’ve come to the conclusion that people really stink. Why else would they surround themselves with so many scented, chemical products. There is (of course) some weird aroma floating through our window next to the computer from next door. The bane of my life, I tell you. I try not to think of all the damage to our environment, because it really upsets me.

I’ve had a lot of water today already, and I’m going to have a mango and some apples for breakfast. I also will make a very large point of going for a swim this afternoon. That should revive me. That way I can tackle Monday with Joie de Vivre and do a good day’s work. Ha ha.

As Donna pointed out, it was probably all that sugar that pushed me over the edge. So not good! Last night, I even made a malva pudding. Thankfully, we had guests over, so there was only a reasonable-sized portion for all of us and then it was finished!

We watched You, Me and Dupree last night. It did put a smile on my face, at least. Ridiculous movie, but quite good for a Crapurday evening.

I think I should focus on some points that I should be grateful for this morning. Well, I’ll focus on one of them, anyway. My health has been fairly stable this month. The Body Cleanse detox is helping and so are the homeopathic drops, especially for my eyes. The naturopath gave me a combo, including hypericum and gelsium (I think that’s right, the abbreviation is gels.) But it really is helping. Every time I see those flashing purple spots in front of my eyes, I take some of the drops, and then they disappear again. I now take them three times a day, as recommended by the naturo, for long-term dose. I love it when alternative stuff actually works. I’ve lost a bit of faith in it, frankly, or maybe I just wasn’t doing it properly. But at one stage I believed in it wholeheartedly, to the extent that I wouldn’t take allopathic medicine, and now I’m sitting with a fair amount of disability because of it. Sometimes, I really wish that I could turn back the clock.

Note: My banishing of negative thoughts can bloody well start tomorrow. I just don’t have the energy today, lol. 

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February 4, 2007 at 10:03 am

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