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There is thunder rumbling overhead. I can only hope that this spells some serious rain. I think I’ll go and stand outside with my face turned heavenwards if it does, and get sprinkled with raindrops. It’s so hot that that would be a rare treat!

Our washing-maching seems to be bust! It is making the most terrible screeching noises when it washes. M says he thinks it might be a loose ballbearing. I’m going to phone the repairmen this afternoon to PLEASE come and fix it. I just ain’t doing the washing by hand. (That would probably take me a week’s worth of energy, and I’m not kidding).

We had the most horrible experience on Sunday afternoon. We were just getting comfy on the couch to watch My Super Ex-Girlfriend (which was really cute, btw), when M got something out of the fridge, and we got this AWFUL whiff. I had been noticing it all day, and had already thrown loads of stuff out of the fridge that I thought might be responsible. Some old celery, some giant mushrooms, some baby-marrows. But this smell was just getting worse and worse! So eventually, I made a concerted effort to find the culprit. Threw away some more stuff that was just plain past it’s sell-by date to make room. My bloodhound’s nose indicated that it was an item in the door of the fridge. I saw a packet of sunflower seeds in the vicinity of where the smell was coming from. They did look a bit dodgy, so I lifted the packet to my nose to smell if it was them, and nearly gagged. I paused briefly in throwing them away to notice that they were soaked in some kind of foul-smelling liquid. I lifted my gaze and saw it! There was an egg with a crack in it. Yep, that was the bad boy. I lifted it and it was lying in a pool of absolutely putrid egg-white, which was dripping down on everything in the shelf beneath. Michael came to see what it was, and we spent a couple of moments busy gagging at each other. It was so vile. I’ve heard people talking about rotten eggs, but this was my first experience with a truly rotten one.

I had to expend a lot of energy cleaning the whole mess up. But it had to be done. Man, I think that is the worst smell I’ve ever smelt in my whole life!

Mom, Dad, if you’re reading this, you can thank your lucky stars that I never used that egg on Saturday when I made the malva pudding. The lot of us would have had to be hospitalised after that!


Had to get that off my chest. I took great offense at that egg.

Looks like we may have a bit of trouble regarding the trials. The thing is, for the first three months of the trials, I will have to go to JHB four times. That is excluding the two times I’ve already been , and the trip on Friday (but fortunately M was going anyway). This isn’t financially a problem, as the drug comoany will be paying our expenses. But it is using up all Michael’s leave at a speed. He plans on doing the Argus Cycle Race in March, for which he will need at least four days off. I feel bad about this. He is using up all his leave on my account. We are going to ask the doctor if there is any chance that we could go on a Saturday for some of the visits, and for the others we are going to try and go early (and get back early) so that Michael only has to take a half day off. Damn, I had no idea that it would involve so many trips up and down.

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February 7, 2007 at 3:52 pm

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