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What a wonderful weekend…

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For a weekend that I wasn’t looking forward to that much, it has certainly turned out to be quite nice.

Friday morning we left for JHB. As we drove through town to the mainroad, I was eating an apple for breakfast. I finished it, and opened the window to throw out the core. I always throw my apple cores out if I get a chance. They’re bio-degradable and giving back to the earth, right? (I would never throw any other junk out, I’m no litterbug). Anyway, there was an open piece of veld, and I did a quick scan for cars behind us and pedestrians, and then chucked it.

So Michael says, “No, my love!” (laughing) “You nearly hit that vendor!”

I was mortified. I hadn’t seen any street hawker. Then again, I hadn’t had my glasses on and I’m not the most observant tool in the shed. It was a black guy, and we are so aware of any kind of racism here in SA that I was scared he thought I’d done it on purpose. Stupid white bitch hanging out of an expensive car and trying to pelt him (a poor vendor minding his own business) with fruit!

I begged Michael to turn around so that I could explain, apologise and buy one of the items he was selling. Michael said, “He’s selling wire-cars, my darling.” 

   “Well then, I’d like a wire-car,” I rejoined. Would  I ever.

Michael refused, as we were already running late, but kindly informed me that actually, the core had been no-where near the guy, who was sitting under a tree some distance away. The core had, however, rolled amongst his goods. That made more sense. I’m sure I would have seen a person standing there, but may have overlooked the little cars in the veld. Michael is a terrible tease though, isn’t he? I felt better after that, because I don’t see how an apple core could damge a wire-car.

Moral of the story? Don’t throw apple cores outta the car window, Maggie!

We got to JBH, I gave some blood, we went and ate out (I had a very delicious omelette) and then M dropped me off at my sister’s. Her and I had a lovely time. She is really cute and sweet and we had some real quality time. We have plenty of nick-names for each other. She sometimes calls me Bush Pig, because according to her, when my fringe is divided in the middle of my forehead and pushed to either side, I look like a bush pig. So I specially went to the trouble of blow-waving my fringe (bangs, for any yanks reading 😉 so that it looked all puffy and full. But then I pushed my sunglasses on top of my head like I always do, and it reverted back to form. I said, “Damn, now I look like a bush pig again.” Only, it came out Bish Pug. So that has been adopted by my sister as my new name, lol. Maybe I should rename my blog to Bish-Pug?

So Saturday morning, Michael comes to collect me, having slept at a friend of his brother’s house. They all enjoyed the motor-show loads and he brought home some amazing photo’s and videos. But him and I missed each other on Friday night. He said he even missed the things that he finds irritating about me, ha ha. Anyway, we came straight home, and had such a nice time in the car, chatting. We agreed that it has been the six best years of both our lives (yesterday was our anniversary). If the next six years  can be even half as good, then I look forward to them. But as things seem to be getting better and better, I think they might be twice as nice. Marriage is just a marvellous institution if you’re married to the right person. We both would rather spend time with each other than anybody else.

We had lunch at a local restaurant with my parents-in-law which was marvellous. Great food, great company. In particular, the dessert I had was the best ever. A caramel mousse affair, in layers with bits of biscuit, chocolate and mint. Truly delicious!

Today, with that pleasant memory, I am having a day of fasting and resting. Won’t be able to fast while I’m on the drug-trials, so this is my swan-song for the next two years.

Tuesday is the big day. We have to be at the hospital at 9am, and then I have to jump through some hoops (metaphorically, people) to see how I rank on the EDSS  ( )

Then, the six hours observation. It will be nice to just swallow a pill, though. I have strong associations of hospitals and IV drips, which though I am used to them, I find very irritating. Wish me luck.

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February 11, 2007 at 10:49 am

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  1. I’m assuming you’ll be going back to Johannesburg to do that? I’m glad your weekend is so nice. The way a weekend should be hey?


    February 11, 2007 at 3:46 pm

  2. That paragraph about you and Michael and your six years together brought a tear to my eye. I want to copy it and send it out to everyone I know that has ever said a negative thing about being married (like AH, who just doesn’t get that it’s like that for him because he’s with the wrong person!! Too late now though, 3 kids later…) He thinks happy marriages and being in love with the person you’re married to only happens in the movies. Anyway, thanks for that… I like adding to my “see, it IS possible!” list of couples 😀


    February 12, 2007 at 9:19 pm

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