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Title awol, I’m afraid

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Last night we had a power failure. There was a funny storm. Dead quiet and humid, and suddenly the lights trip and then a crash of thunder that sounded like an explosion. We thought for sure that our modem had bought the farm. Fortunately, it didn’t. We sat without electricity for about an hour, sweltering in the humidity without a fan! Thankfully it didn’t last too long.

I didn’t go to church after all. I couldn’t find something decent to wear, as I usually go in long pants, but they make me overheat in this weather and I just couldn’t face it. Another thing that puts me off, is that in the Anglican church, which I (used to) attend, everyone drinks from the same chalice during Holy Communion. I think this is very irresponsible of the authorities. There is an aids epidemic in this country, as well as a big problem with a new strain of TB. Among other things. I am taking drugs that inhibit certain T-cells, so I am frankly not taking the chance. I don’t feel guilty about this, either. In biblical times, people with leprosy and skin conditions weren’t even allowed to live with other people. I don’t see why I should have to share a cup with people who may have even a simple head-cold or flu. I think I will attend the Methodist church instead, until the Anglicans catch a wake-up call.

Never did mention South Africa’s Grammy Award win that we garnered. Congratulations to the Soweto Choir with this outstanding achievement.

Had a lovely visit at my parents today. Went there at 6:30am. M was on his way to the golf-club and dropped me off. My sister and her family came for lunch, too. She made a rather risqué remark and my parents said their daughters look so innocent, like angels, you would never think they could be so naughty. That about sums us up, hee hee. Lunch was brilliant, and like Michael said, it was such a fun visit.

Today was my 6th pill. No side-effects! No improvements, no deterioration. Okay, whatever.

I watched a video of yesterday’s party  that my dad took. He filmed Michael and I as we arrived. Now, I’m a bit shy of the way I walk. In my mind’s eye, I have the impression that it’s a bit ungainly, and that I look quite obviously lame. So I was very surprised to observe on the video that I looked pretty much 100% normal. Or at least 95%. Michael was supporting me a little, but he does it in such a subtle manner that you wouldn’t easily notice it. But I feel much better about myself since I saw that video, especially as I know I was tired and hot at the time. Good stuff.

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February 18, 2007 at 10:06 pm

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