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Music dedications and locusts.

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I’ve spent the past hour listening to music on our computer, and my chest feels compressed by nostalgia. Every song carries a truckload of memories with it. Happy ones, sad ones, silly ones. Isn’t music just totally wonderful?

Speaking of which, yesterday I had a song dedicated to me on a big radio station. Michael voted on OFM’s website for the top six at six. He chose Christina Aguilera’s Candyman. The radio station phoned him just before six, and asked him to introduce the song, and say whom it was dedicated to. Without missing a beat, Michael introduced himself and dedicated the song to: his love, Maggie. I just melted. It’s the first time I ever had a song dedicated to me on live radio

I’ve got a bit of a grip on myself with regards to the whole grasshopper/ locust thing. Only because it’s gone, though, ha ha. At least I think it’s gone – I still hear a suspicious noise from behind the curtain every now and then. Still, the windows are open, it’s not like I’m keeping Loki captive. (Sorry, but you know how I have a penchant for naming my insects). Loki is both short for locust and the name of the Norse god of mischief, so the obvious choice. I figured that the worst thing that could happen is that Loki flies out from behind the curtain and jumps on my face. While I’m sleeping. And while that will creep me out tremendously, it’s won’t kill me. Or even hurt me, come to that. So I have nothing to fear but Loki himself. He’s a lot smaller than I am and non-venomous, and they don’t even bite. (They don’t bite, do they??) Well, not unless you’re a nice, big, juicy leaf. So I’ve gotten over it, to a certain extent. But please don’t ever throw one at me, okay?

By the way, who else thinks the Rehab song is really cute? I say: No, no, nooo!

I’ve having a wee bit of trouble with the font size of the script on my posts. Any help from fellow wordpressers would be appreciated. I have a memory of there being font options on the ‘New Post’ page, but it gone awol. Help. It;s getting to the point where you’d need a microscope to read my blog! 

Nevermind the last bit – Michael helped me out. He actually knows how to read html code, so no problem. I feel like a bit of a dufus.

Written by Maggie

April 18, 2007 at 5:34 pm

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  1. I just LOVE how music can bring back certain memories…instant trigger


    April 18, 2007 at 10:15 pm

  2. Hey girl I can imagine how touched you were hearing Michael’s voice over the radio and having song dedicated to you !! Way to go xx I agree with you, music is a wonderful thing and brings back so many memories.

    Mom Archer

    April 19, 2007 at 9:15 am

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