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Life is pretty slow at the moment.

I am largely constricted to my home currently, thanks to my sore back. It was doing so well, but is now feeling like it did when the whole sacro-illiac problem began accelerating in the first place.

I’m not too worried about it, though. Just trying to take it easy 

I’ve decided to keep swimming during the winter months. My dad has organised me a discounted rate at the local gym, which has an indoor (and slightly heated) swimming pool. He has kindly offered to pay my membership for me, and to come and pick me up three mornings a week to go to the gym with him. He is training to go up Mnt Kilimanjaro in a couple of months time, so while he is doing circuit training, I’ll have time to swim. I might also see the biokineticist there, as they offer rehabilitation programs for MS. I will have to keep up with these programs, because otherwise I can see that I am going to run into big problems with my musculoskeletal system, and that I really don’t want.

My relapse wasn’t halted completely by the 1 gram of solu-medrol that I took. I really regret not having taken 3 grams or more, because that would have been more effective, I think, and the side-effects of the 1 gram were just as bad as with the larger dose, so I didn’t score in any way. I feel annoyed with myself, because I’m probably going to have to go again in May for another course. My legs are awfully stiff in the mornings, and my left hand and left leg and foot are numb and unco-ordinated. Only intermittently, at this stage, thank goodness.

I’ve been on the trial drugs for two and a half months, and so far there has been absolutely no reduction in my relapse rate. I’m trying to be patient, because I did say that I wouldn’t judge before I’d been on it for at least six months. I just hope all this schlepping up to Jo’burg and back hasn’t been a complete waste of time and money. I’ve always thought that I have a bit of a rogue case of MS, anyway.

I’m still loving my keyboard. I’ve indulged my Phantom of the Opera infatuation, and learnt to play ‘All I Ask of You’. The sheet-music itself is surprisingly simple, but it sounds really beautiful. It’s one of the most satisfying pieces I’ve ever played. I’m nearly finished a lovely hymn, called, ‘Jesus, You are changing me‘ I’m enjoying it so much. It takes me a couple of days to a week to learn a song (depending on level of difficulty, of course) and commit it to memory.

My goal is to have 100 pieces in my repertoire. So far, I only have about fifteen, so that will be a challenge. My sister and I agreed that we have to (one day) play in a public (preferably classy) venue at least once. She is of course way ahead of me, having made music her profession. But I have more time on my hands. I may have to go to Jo’ies for the actual event. They have better venues. We were thinking along the lines of a café in Monte Casino. Of course, I have about 75 songs left to add to my repertoire, so it may take a while yet. And there’s the little issue of my left hand packing in, but hey, who ever said dreams have to be realistic?

Speaking of my sister, she will be getting married on 30 April. They are opting for a quiet wedding in court, with a fancy lunch afterwards for both sets of parents. I hope that it will be special for her. This weekend past, her friends threw her a bachelorette’s party, which she loved. She had to dress up in a rented outfit, consisting of fishnet stocking, short skirt, spiky blonde wig and then they swept her off to Teazers. ‘Nuff said. I’m so glad they did that for her: a nice send-off from the single life!

That made me remember my own, more sedate send-off in the form of a kitchen-tea, courtesy of my big sister. Just as much fun, and more my style, frankly. Notice the veggie-necklace around my neck. It took me a while to figure out what a marrow and two patty-pans were meant to represent as the centrepiece. It’s not that I was so innocent, I just didn’t expect my sister to do that in front of my mother and future mother-in-law, ha ha.


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April 23, 2007 at 4:19 pm

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  1. My dear SIL and then I complain about my back. Ag tog.

    I looked at these photos just this weekend. It was fun 😉


    April 23, 2007 at 8:16 pm

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