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Things are looking up today. Michael is feeling much better. Must have been one of those 24 hour bugs, or food-poisoning. He went to work today, which I wasn’t that keen on, but three of his staff were off work and he didn’t have much choice. That was quite suspicious, I thought. Nothing like taking a sickie to extend the long weekend, hey? But he really is doing great, compared to yesterday. Still feeling a bit muzzy and weak, but generally back to his old self. I am so glad.

He slept the whole of yesterday and last night, just about. When I got to bed at ten last night, he was so wrapped up in the duvet I had to fetch the one from the spare bedroom for myself, lol. It was damn cold last night, by the way. Winter has arrived with one fell swoop!

As for myself, I’ve been better. I had quite a vicious nose-bleed this morning. Don’t know where that came from, but it was even running down the back of my throat. Not nice. Slept badly, courtsey of aching back and knees, and my hand, while being better than it was last night, it not doing that brilliantly. Which sucks. I read some mordib MS stats this morning. I certainly wasn’t meaning to, I was doing research on homeopathic remedies for some of my symptoms. Instead my eyes briefly flicked over a passage about the mortality rate of MS. (It’s not frequent, considering the number of people that have MS, but it does happen). I try to avoid negative press like that at all costs these days, but sometimes it sneaks up on you when you least expect it.

M was as hungry as a hound at lunchtime, having not actually eaten anything yesterday, because of the nausea. So when we went to collect my homeopathic drops, he suggested we go to a coffee shop we haven’t tried but have been meaning to. What a disaster! They’ll never be seeing us again.

We sat outside, at a nice table, and they took our order. All fine so far. After a goodly amount of time, the waitress (also the owner) came and said they only had tinned fruit for the ‘health breakfast’ (my order) and was that okay? I changed my order to an omelette, and appreaciated her telling me.

And then we waited. And waited and waited.

In the interim, there was a young mentally handicapped boy at the next table waving and trying to engage us in conversation. We couldn’t decipher a word of what he was saying, but smiled and nodded our heads enthusiastically. We felt really sorry for him. Sometimes life is so unfair I just want to cry and cry. But we were feeling a bit fragile ourselves, and didn’t really have the energy. But a person can’t ignore a child, so we soldiered on. Michael is such a great guy. He spoke so nicely to this boy. Eventually, the owner told us it is her son, and he insists on sitting at one of the tables and having something to eat every day.

Eventually, our food came. It was nice enough, but the wait definitely wasn’t worth it. We weren’t even finished eating yet when I asked for the bill, to give them plenty of time. We finished our food, and waited some more, just in case they hadn’t made us wait enoough already. Eventually, M, who needed to be back at work, had to go into the shop and sort it out. I’ve never had such bad service before at a restaurant in my life.

We didn’t have time to have any cake, which was probably just as well. So I decided to make some muffins. I’m quite pleased with the result. Very pleased, actually. They are Vanilla Apple muffins, but you can’t taste the apple. I read somewhere that you can cut down on the oil used if you add one grated apple. So I used less than half the oil that the recipe called for and substituted a grated apple. The oil I use is quite strong tasting, but having cut down on it so much, by using the apple in lieu of it, you don’t notice it. I use cold-pressed sunflower oil, instead of triple refined, which is bad news. But apparently most sunflower oils contain an agent that deodorises the sunflower taste out of the oil because people somehow deem it offensive. Maybe with good reason. The one I use has quite a potent sunflower flavour. But anyway, I added more water to make up for the reduced oil, and the muffins came out nice and fluffy. I forgot how much I liked baking.

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April 30, 2007 at 4:56 pm

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