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Weekend off to a good start.

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I’m getting such a kick out of playing that old relic from the nineties (Adventure Island) on the computer. (BTW, I’m not into computer games at all, this is an exception). My initial reaction was one of disappointment. I was so clumsy at controlling the game on the keyboard. I didn’t think I’d progress very far. But you know how it is, in no time at all I was used to the new controls. Big improvement, actually, as the controls on the tv games were a bit ‘tired’ and you had to push them so hard you ended up with a blister on your thumb. My hand is still playing up, and I have to take a break every now and them when it starts getting ‘woolly’ but I’m enjoying it a lot.

This morning, my hubby bought me such a stylish new swimming cozzie. It’s a Speedo, and real classy looking. Can’t wait to swim in it on Monday. It makes my stomach look a bit fat, though. Or rather, it doesn’t disguise how fat my stomach is, lol. Which is great motivation for me to stop eating such a lot of bread (it bloats me up). I’m not supposed to be eating bread anyway. I’m not supposed to be ‘doing’ any kind of gluten. At all. My health obviously wasn’t a strong enough motivator, but vanity might just be. I want to look good in a bathing costume again. Not ducking and diving, and needing to get in the pool at the speed of summer lightning before anyone gets a good look at my podgy middle.

Seriously though, I’ve been eating very well the past week or so. I’ve put all that bad stuff (like chocolate mousse!) behind me. For real this time, lol.

We went and saw a brilliant one-man show last night. It was sooo good. And screamingly funny. The basic gist was an illustration on the differences between men and women, with examples both in present day and harking back to the cave man. M and I enjoyed it hugely. Such a great night out. I have such a lot of respect for people that can carry out a one-man show like that, for three hours.

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May 5, 2007 at 4:52 pm

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