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About yesterday’s post – I am not actually eligible to go on Tysabri myself at this stage. Not while I’m taking part in the Fingolimod trials, at any rate. Both for the sake of the validity of the trial results, and because it is essential that Tysabri┬áis used as a mono-therapy. Otherwise one would run an increased risk of the often fatal brain infection, PML.

However, I do like to have a back-up plan. In the event of the trial meds not working, I wouldn’t want to waste too much time before getting onto another, proven medication. As it is I waited way too long before going on treatment in the first place. If I could go back to early 2003, before things started hotting up, I would definitely make a plan. Although, in my defense, back then MS wasn’t yet on the chronic diseases list, making it compulsary for the medical aids to pay for the inteferon drugs. Which would have cost me R7000 a month that I just plain didn’t have. It’s an expensive business – having MS.

But it’s awful to think of people suffering when there is a breakthrough medication available to help them. It is very new on the market, and SA is a little behind, but with any luck it won’t be too long before it’s approved by the medical insurance.

Michael’s father tipped us off about some swanky new flats that are being built in our area. So we went and had a look during M’s lunch, as we have to make a hasty decision, as there is only one available unit left, and there’s already an interested party. They are just gorrrgeous. Still being finished off, but just beaut! Unfortunately, they are also tiny. I honestly don’t know if we’d be able to fit all our stuff in there. It’s a two bedroom deal, but the rooms are very small, and there is very little packing space in the whole flat, as far as I can see. But very pretty. A lovely bathroom and kitchen, nice big living room, and a shower, which we haven’t got at the moment. Also without the dreaded stairs, so we’d have everything at one level, instead of having to constanly negotiate the eff-ing stairs! I’m waiting for M to come home from work so that we can discuss it. That’s if the other dude who wanted it hasn’t already paid his deposit. But we don’t want to make a rush-job decision on it that might bite us in the ass later on.

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May 8, 2007 at 5:41 pm

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