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Marvellous Monday.

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Today has been just fab so far, couldn’t ask for better.

For one thing, Michael is feeling better. He was so sick last night. Remember that 24 hour thing he had two weekends back? Well, it happened again, which is very worrying. We were out visiting (luckily it was family) when in the middle of the conversation, Michael got very dizzy and nauseous. He could barely make it out to the car when we took him to the hospital to be checked out. His blood sugar levels and blood pressure were normal, which is making it seem like it might be a middle-ear thing. He’s okay today, though. But I think we’d better make him an appointment at the ear, nose and throat dude to get it checked out. Poor M!

The gym thing went really well this morning. Turns out it was definitely the pool being too hot that threw me last time. (Heat is after all Public Enemy No.1 if you have MS) Today the pool was on the cool side. Possibly they turned the heat off over the weekend and were still in the process of heating it up. I did 36 laps, by far my highest so far in that pool, and felt fine afterwards. Well, I wasn’t doing cartwheels, but you get the picture. Actually, it was very enjoyable.

I’m going to see my neuro tomorrow, and I don’t think I’m going to beg like a dawg for cortisone. I’ve decided against it. You see, I don’t really want to say it out loud, but I think the Fingolimod pills may have finally kicked in. I’ve got more energy than usual and I recover faster after an exacerbation. This is a brand new development, hot off the press. Could be a fluke. Or perhaps my relapse has subsided. I’m not feeling too shabby at all. Still slightly worried about my left hand, but not to the extent that I’d risk the side-effects of the meds.

I’m really not doing bad on the energy front. Yesterday I took myself (as in drove) to the local mini-supermarket, did some shopping, even carried the bags back to the car, and still had enough energy left to make soup, and a chocolate mousse for Mother’s Day.

Today, I’ve gone gyming, done a truckload of weekend dishes, a load of washing in the machine and some tidying up. Usually I can just about manage one of these items. It feels too nice!

The attending doctor at the hospital last night, told me MS is his passion. Apparently his uncle has it. I thought it a bit odd, the way he phrased it. Like someone saying, “I have a passion for cancer”, or “I have a passion for AIDS”. Is it just me or is that a bit weird? I can understand a doctor having an interest in a disease, in its research or in finding a cure. But a passion? He should try having MS for a month or two, and then we’ll see how passionate he is about it.

He did an entirely unsolicited examination on my eyes (remember, this is the guy who was supposed to be examining Michael) to check for some abnormality or other.  He gave a disappointed sniff and said, “You don’t have it. Yet.” Thanks a million, doc.

He asked me if I’m legally married to Michael. Why would he ask that? That was the weirdest. I don’t get it, doc. Please explain.

You know, I’m not that crazy about doctors in general.

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May 14, 2007 at 3:46 pm

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