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…but I’ll say it anyway 😉

Yesterday, I watched the sweetest movie. I don’t watch a great deal of tv, but I’ve been waiting for this one to show. It’s called Just Like Heaven. A good, tear-jerking chick-flick, but funny, too. I enjoyed it no end.

Didn’t do a whole lot else yesterday. Well, house-work and cooking and stuff. Oh, and that damn computer-game. And a dose of our daily soapie. But nothing significant. Very unproductive. I lay pondering this last night as I was falling asleep. Quite a waste of a precious day. So I was determined not to waste today. Or any other day. So far, so good. I’ve drawn up a little roster for myself of all the things I want to get done each day. And I’ve got to do the things that I’m least inclined to do first. And the other, more fun stuff, last. Now that I’m feeling better, health-wise, I’m ready to tackle some long-standing projects of mine that just never seem to make it off the runway. Maybe I’ll compile one of those 101 in 1001 lists that are so popular in BlogWorld.

I went for an ion detox this morning. Feeling pretty good since then, let me tell you. Then off to the gym, where I did 32 laps in the pool, and a couple of reps on some sort of hip apparatus thingy, where you put your legs between two cushioned pads and push them apart with your knees. So it works the muscles around your hips and thighs. See, productive. But by far my greatest accomplishment for the day, was going to SPAR and not buying a strawberry cheesecake. No, siree. I just left it languishing there in the fridge. My diet (and M’s, too) has improved a lot lately. But! I see a new pizza place has opened up just around the corner from us. I am such a sucker for pizza. It’s my achilles’ heel. Damn. Why couldn’t they open up somewhere else? It’s all I can think about, lol.

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May 18, 2007 at 5:10 pm

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