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It’s got me good!

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The bug, that is. It’s finally caught up with me, after threatening to for ages. I have a bit of a head-cold. Nothing too serious at all, just a runny nose, and a slightly scratchy throat, caused by – you guessed it – the post-nasal drip. Bit of an excess of phlegm, but I’m sure no-one wants the gory details so I’ll spare you. I just hope it clears up by Monday. I’d hate to miss my swim. There is a dire promise of a seriously cold spell on its way. I hope this doesn’t translate to the pool’s thermo being turned way up. I’ll rather freeze my ass off than run (swim) the risk of overheating and awakening the monster.

(I just heard a scary sound right next to me behind the curtain. I hope it’s not a locust! Oh well)

The final game of the Super 14 rugby was quite brilliant. The Blue Bulls have made history, being the first SA winners of the Super 14, very narrowly beating the Sharks by one point. They secured the victory (very unexpected) in the last seconds of the game. Very exciting, even to a non-rugby-fan such as myself. I made a bit of a pig of myself (again!) with a packet of Lays potato chips. New irresistable flavour: Carribean onion and balsamic vinegar. Very more-ish, couldn’t help myself. Didn’t help the sore throat one little bit, though. Go figure.

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May 19, 2007 at 9:54 pm

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