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Thursday post

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I seem to have gotten into the habit of posting on Thursdays. I think I might stick with that for now.

This week has not been the best. Not the worst either, because M and I have been having such a nice time. As I said to him yesterday, everyone always speaks of domesticity as the worst thing that can happen to a person. But there’s no-one I’d rather be domestic with than him. It certainly has its moments.

On the down side though, I’ve had a miserable head cold, sneezing my head off, and I still have that little problem where my throat constricts during the sneeze. My life flashes before my eyes, lest it doesn’t unconstrict itself again. I told M this, and he said, “Are you sure it wasn’t a piece of snot flashing before your eyes?”

Bless him, he always knows the right thing to say, lol.

Then. We have been having some serious, stinky drain troubles. Apparently the whole block of flats’ drains are blocked. The municipality is here today (hopefully) sorting it out. There are actually drums of what was blocking the drain (I’ll leave that to your imagination) standing outside our door. Okay, they are sealed, but just the idea. It’s enough to make me want to dig a long-drop in the garden!

Next Thursday marks six months cortisone free for me! This has been such a goal for me that I can hardly believe it.

However. For the past month or so, my legs and feet have been going progressively number. I hate this. It’s not a nice feeling, and quite dangerous, because I have scratches and bruises on my legs that I have no idea how I got. I remember back in 2005, my real bad year, I couldn’t feel my legs either, and I bumped and  bruised the crap out of them, getting in and out of the wheelchair.

So now my dilemma. Do I go for meds? Or are the long-term side-effects of the drug too dangerous (esp considering how much I’ve already had) if you way up the inconvenience of numb legs and feet. After all, it’s not specifically debilitating and doesn’t take away from my quality of life as such. It’s just very irritating and gives me the creeps.

I still have three weeks of my chelation left, so maybe I should at least wait until I’m finished with that. Yes, I think that is what I will do.

Only thing is, in my personal experience, the longer I leave it, the more chance of it being permanent there is.

But now I’ve made up my mind. I will wait at least the three weeks. This is why I love blogging! It somehow helps me make sense of things. Do other bloggers find that too?

Before I sign off, let me just send out a huge thanks that I am no longer in that wheelchair, but trotting around like no man’s business. Life is good, numb legs and all.

(They may be numb, but hey, they can walk, and if I say so myself, are looking quite sexy from all the swimming. I have calves again and everything, lol).

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September 20, 2007 at 10:11 am

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