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Firstly, let me just give thanks for a personal milestone: I made it for six months without any cortisone whatsoever. Huge achievement compared to the past three years. The meds (and all this alternative sh*t that I’m doing, lol) must be working.

Don’t know if I’ll make the seven-month mark, however. My legs and feet seem to have improved, slightly. Well, they’re not regressing, anyway. But now my left hand is acting up again, which is why I had to take cortisone six months ago. I don’t like playing the what-if game, because I am all too familiar with how permanent the damage can be, if left untreated for too long. I’ll give it a week though, and re-assess the situation then.

Thing is, I had a bad exacerbation today. Overdid things. Swam more lengths at the pool than I have in a while, and then had the audacity to go shopping with my mom for groceries on top of that. Got home at two and spent the next two hours recuperating. I’m a bit mad at myself for doing this, because it really aggravated my sore back, which has regressed this week. Actually that’s why I had a hectic workout in the pool, hoping it might help. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

I intend taking it ultra-rustig this weekend.

My baby-sis came for a visit, which we thoroughly enjoyed. She got here before eight yesterday morning, and her and I just got straight back in bed and snoozed for an hour, till Michael phoned from work and offered to take us out for breakfast. The restaurant that is our current haunt, has a furnace fire that gets lit on rainy days. Yesterday was plenty rainy, and quite chilly, so it was lovely snuggling up to the fire for warmth. Speaking of the rain, it has been absolutely delicious. Everything is so fresh and clean and green. Beautiful!

Anne (baby-sis) has an adorable little baby-bump already. Not as big as my non-baby bump though, lol. I think I rained on her parade a bit when I pointed that out. Okay, I was pushing my stomach out a bit, but then – so was she, ha ha. We all oohed and ahed about her sonar pics. Mind you, they are adorable. The cutest thing ever. Her jumping-bean, as she calls it.

Our flat is looking a sight better than it did. All the drainage problems fixed, for a start. We feel as though we’re living in the lap of luxury, just because the toilet is flushing properly and the pressure is back in the hot water taps. Also, they are replacing the tiles in the bathrooms and I think it’s going to look very good when they’ve finished. Oh yes, and they fixed one of the steps on the staircase than was sagging and about to give up the ghost. All in all, a good week’s work.

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September 28, 2007 at 9:32 pm

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  1. Hi maggs..Just wanted to say thanks for keeping up ur web blog,i would be hopeless at doing that
    I guess im just a english man that hides his feelings…and if i wrote a blog the nasty messages would hurt me…I am guessin if u open urself up someone will say something nasty and i hate people that do that.
    You and m are lovely..and i respect you both…i hope you both love each other forever..regards Richard


    September 29, 2007 at 3:09 am

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