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I love facebook. I’ve met up with so many old school-friends and it’s really doing me a lot of good to ‘see’ all those friendly faces again. Had to have a giggle earlier though. There’s a function on facebook that allows you to do various actions to your friends, eg. hug, high-5, wave at, etc. Then it will say on your, the friend involved, and any communal friends’ events log, something like X decided to hug Y, or Y decided to wave at Z. What I found funny was that when you decide to do whatever to whomever, you can elect to make it private. Which I took to mean that only the two of you will be aware of it, not the whole circle of friends. Well, that is not the case. What does happens is that the log, viewable to everyone linked to you, will read something like, X decided to private Y. Is it just me or does that sound a little off? I now take great care not to tick the ‘private’ box when I send an action, heh.

New and improved eating plan going well. Yesterday was brilliant, didn’t put a foot wrong. Today, I had some breakfast cereal. Cereal is my weak spot. A bit of an Achille’s heel. Anyway, it wasn’t a train-smash, but it does contain gluten and sugar, my old nemesis, lol. I wasn’t actually planning on eating it, but this is what happened…

Michael has to leave for work insanely early in the morning now, like 5.45am, an inhuman time to eat breakfast. So he comes back later in the morning to eat (’bout 9:30/ tennish). Which is great because then we get to eat breakfast together. So there we sit, me about to make my fruit-salad, him eating his crunchy-munchy, crispy whatever it is. He puts the first spoonful in his mouth, and says, “Hmmmmmmm. Mmmmm, this is good.” Face all scrunched up in cullinary ecstacy. “Shut UP,” say I. Few more moments pass, and then, “Mmmmmmm,” following second spoonful.  “Stop’it!” say I, and so we go on.

Eventually, I accuse Michael of being unsupportive of my diet, and tell him if he continues with the “mmmmmm-ing” after every mouthful, I will go upstairs and leave him to eat alone. His answer? You guessed it. Mmmmm.

Ended up going to dish up a bowl for myself (nice excuse to have some of my soya milk which I love). Sat down next to him in front of the tv and dipped in my spoon, popped it in my mouth. Before I could stop myself, I went “Mmmmmmmm!” Without a trace of irony. The stuff is good! Seriously good. Maybe even best cereal ever had in life!

Other than that, I’ve done pretty well. Went swimming, and ‘Beemer-bedding’. Also, my kind friend at the gym that has me on her Quantec machine informed me that I lapsed on 25 September (on the program, that is) and she started me on it again. Hopefully I’ll feel better now. Gave me a bit of a lecture about not taking cortisone, which I nodded at, but really, it was like water off a duck’s back. All these alternative medicine types dis the cortisone. Which is why I was so anti and waited so long to take it on my various relapses. (although when even the mainstream doc started telling me I was having too much, I started getting scared). Anyway, I’m still apprehensive of long-term side-effects of meds, but really, what point is there in getting yourself into a total state (health-wise) in the short-term, trying to do damage limitation for the long-term? I’ll probably have to go for meds in the not too distant future. It’s not a full-blown relapse that I’m having, so I’m not too stressed about it. I’ll see how it goes.

Got home, and my mom, who was in town, popped round and we made carrot and pineapple juice. Very nice. Then, after she left, I had an amazing fruit-salad, with fresh dates, papino, apple and banana. My very kind SIL, Melany and her hubby, bought me a box of dates, and those dates sure are helping me out. I have a real sweet-tooth, and the dates are just what I need to tide me over when I start craving something sweet.

I put my foot in it a bit today. At the gym, I got talking to a guy who’s in a wheel-chair. We were talking about the various things (especially alternative meds. things) we’ve tried. He is also being treated on the Quantec machine and I asked him if he’s feeling better for it. He said that while he hasn’t noticed benefit yet, he’s hoping that it will help for the long-term.

At this point, I decided to trot out one of my favourite platitudes. “Well, I always say that it didn’t get this way overnight, so it won’t disappear overnight.” I added on some more stuff about how I don’t believe in miracle cures anymore, but that I do believe one can help oneself over the long-term by trying out all these therapies.

Suddenly it occurred that maybe his situation had happened overnight.

“Actually, mine did happen overnight,” he said, as if reading my mind.

I felt so, so bad. It was so crass of me. Luckily, he didn’t seem to be offended, and told me how he had had an accident that broke his spine.

I’m not normally so tactless. Still, I didn’t mean it badly, and I’ll just be extra-friendly to him in the future.

Saw myself through his eyes for a moment, and realised that I really do have the world at my feet. I am so, so blessed. Caught sight of myself walking past a mirror in the locker room, and it looked quite normal. Felt so humble suddenly. (Also noticed, though, that calves looking quite buff 🙂

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October 4, 2007 at 5:28 pm

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  1. “I went “Mmmmmmmm!” Without a trace of irony. ”

    Oh, that was pure gold. Classic.

    And congrats on your buff calves!


    October 4, 2007 at 7:17 pm

  2. SO glad to hear the dates are doing the thing 🙂

    You know..this afternoon when you asked me about my back, I felt that can I complain. Yes, I have a bad back but that’s it. I still walk, run, dance, jump, carry my kids …. you know? Who am I to complain about my back .
    You obviously didn’t mean to be tactless and I’m sure that guy didn’t take it that way either.

    Melany aka Supermom

    October 5, 2007 at 4:33 pm

  3. Loved this entry… and I am thinking an updated swimsuit shot is probably in order so we can see your buff body too… wait that sounds perverted! 😉

    I also love cereal, I could eat the stuff for dinner!


    October 8, 2007 at 2:18 pm

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