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Tarentula, anyone?

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I think my homeopath must think I’m very cheeky. I actually phone up with a take-away order for any homeopathic medicine I want. But why should I pay R125 just to go and sit there and tell him what I want. I know by now what works for me. And boy, do those drops that I take for my optic neuritis work! It occurred to me to try out homeopathic remedies for some of my other symptoms. Like the numbness. My feet and legs are still disturbingly numb, but I decided that it is just not reason enough to have IV cortisone. (Esp. as I’m about to celebrate 7 months off the stuff). But there’s no reason why I can’t try out a naturopathic quick-fix. Might just work. I’m quite excited!! There’s one that is  made from actual Tarentula. As in, the spider! Creepy, but if it works I just don’t care. I’ll update on this soon and let y’all know if it is working at all.

Written by Maggie

October 23, 2007 at 11:10 am

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