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For the past week, I have been tormented by a persistently obnoxious mosquito. High-pitched whine right on cue as I’m dropping off to la-la land. It was so hot and humid the other night, and I had to lie sweltering under the sheet because the mozzero thought I was the delicacy of the day. He’d already sampled bits of me that were itching like mad. Michael slumbered peacefully on – the bug had no interest in him, for some reason. Obviously, my blood is a lot tastier.

This went on for a coupla nights. And in the mornings he (please don’t tell me it’s only the female that bites – this one was too obnoxious to be a girl!) flew brazenly past me, seemingly oblivious to my swiping efforts at sending him to the promised land.

This morning though, when I woke up and went to the bathroom, he followed me in. Crucial, crucial mistake. I slammed that door so fast behind us! I knew I had him. The walls of our bathroom are a light cream colour. The mozzie was just so visible against the backdrop of cream. I tried to close my fist over him but missed. He flew up onto the high ceiling, but then made the mistake of coming down again. My second attempt was successful, and I got the little sucker at last. He was absolutely full of (my) blood. Ha!

So tonight I can look forward to a peaceful night’s slumber.

The reason this whole episode was noteworthy, is because we absolutely never get  mosquitos in this flat. It’s one of the amenities of the place.

I should have hung his little corpse on a pole to serve as a warning to any other mosquito that dares trespass on this property, lol.

Written by Maggie

November 1, 2007 at 11:47 pm

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  1. Nasty little buggers, eh? I was at the pool the other night and a tiny little nit of a skeeter tried to nab me … must have been hatched in the pool hall since we have had frost nearly every day over the last week. I may have killed the last one living in Pennsyltucky for the season right there!


    November 2, 2007 at 7:47 pm

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