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Perfectly timed day.

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Today M & I went to Jo’burg for my double check-up at the neurologists. First, my regular doc for the trials check-up, then a quick dash to a different hospital and neuro for my disability pension check-up, to see if I’m still krokkerig enough to qualify.

I never look forward to these trips, yet always end up enjoying them a lot! Today was no exception.

We woke up at just after 4am. Well, I did, M had already been up since 3am, and amused himself by channel surfing. We (read, ‘I’)  actually managed to be ready to leave as arranged by 5am. It was just getting light and it was quite nice to catch a glimpse of dawn for once. It was quite special, because in the half-light of day there were little clusters of guinea fowl next to the side of the road. I really love them, they’re so absurdly shaped and cute. I’ll try and find a pic for my non-African readers, just hang on…  pictures of birds, Guineafowl

Helmeted Guineafowl, Numida meleagris

There you go. Aren’t they sweet, in a weird kind of way. They have the most gorgeous spotted plumage. Anyway, we must have seen about 200 in all. One even right in the road. We had to hoot and swerve or it would have been guinea fowl all over the front of the car. Splat. I heard once that birds eat gravel off the road to help with their digestion. Don’t know how true this is, but it would explain why they’re always at the side of (or in) the road.

I made up my own superstition, years ago. I think it’s the height of good luck to see a guinea fowl while travelling. So today was the luckiest day ever. We didn’t sit in any serious traffic, and made both appointments in good time. Quite remarkable, as they were by neccessity back to back.

The ‘luck’ continued. Both neuros declared me to be subtely improved since they last saw me. A big deal in MS, believe me!

We’re quite friendly with the doctors already. We get star treatment there, which is nice.

He did the EDSS tests on me, and while the scale doesn’t pick up subtle changes (I’m still a 4), the doc said that he definitely sees small improvements. Yippee! In fact, if it wasn’t for my bladder-issues, I would now be the proud owner of a 3 score. But alas, I cannot ignore the bladder’s attention-seeking behaviour 😉

My balance (eyes closed) is much better, and I fared better with my attempt at walking heel-toe across the room. I still can’t do more than one hop on each individual leg. I think I’ll start practising now so that when I go again in February, I can do at least ten!

All in all, the visit gave me a real boost, psychologically.

I simply have to go now, the computer is in high demand here…:-)

Will continue updating later.

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November 6, 2007 at 4:15 pm

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