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Spiders in the bed…

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Last night there were spiders in the bed with me. Wriggling and running over my body. Some of them nipped me, and it was quite painful. I ripped the sheet off, but of course, there was nothing. I wasn’t too surprised. I hadn’t really thought that there were any spiders, but it felt so like it that I thought I’d better check.

And in the locker room at the gym, I felt a big one run across my lower back. Under my swimming-costume! I gave it a swat, just in case, but of course there was no way that a spider could have wormed (ha ha) its way under my cozzie. Can’t say I’m too perturbed by these symptoms. It’s become a case of same old, same old. *yawn*

Well, not quite, but it doesn’t get me going anymore. Not like in the beginning, when I thought I was losing it, and everyone else thought I was going off my rocker. Ah, the days before diagnosis. Never a dull moment.

Other than that small inconvenience (!) I’m feeling remarkably fine. I did over a kilometer in the pool today, plus additional exercises on some of the gym-apparatus and I feel good. Better than good. Great.

Countdown to reunion on Saturday, followed by cortisone the following week if the spiders haven’t buggered off.

The relapses are a lot calmer because of the meds, by the way. It’s not a severe relapse at all. Just starting to make its presence felt in increasingly odd ways.

The gripe I had saved up for today doesn’t seem to be irritating me as much anymore. It was just a case of bad-mannered people at the gym, standing right next to the ladder where one gets out of the pool and having a fat chat. I asked them politely to let me past, and they moved half a fraction to the right and carried on with their yapping. No-one could have fitted through there, but particularly not someone man-handling a walker. Me. I was so annoyed. I never swear (in public) but I felt like asking them if they could see someone battling and could they just F-off. I didn’t say that, of course, but I was tempted. I can’t imaging blocking someone’s path when they are trying to get out the pool, when they have already asked me to move! Rude, rude people. Anyway, I’ve gotten over it, although you’d never say 🙂

And lastly, I amused myself so yesterday when I slammed our front door in a fly’s face! The fly was pestering me while I was preparing supper. Eventually, I went to throw some vegetable peels into the dustbin and it followed me there. So I shoo’ed it out between the security-gate’s bars. It made a wide circle outside and then came heading back, planning on re-entering through the same bars, so I slammed the wooden door right in its face. It was surprisingly satisfying. I enjoyed it a lot. Michael says I need to get out more, lol.

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November 14, 2007 at 2:30 pm

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