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Our neighbours at the back are tormenting me with the vile odours they generate. They braai (bbq) at ten pm on a week-night about three times a week, and the smoke wafts straight into our bedroom window, just as we’re getting ready to snuggle up for the night. And in this heat, it is not a pleasant experience to close all the windows. But we have to, otherwise we’ll be asphyxiated by the smoke. So we put the fan on to shift the hot air around, at least. Tonight, it smells like someone has set a pig alight! And not the prepared meat from the butcher’s, either!

My baby sis, Anne is having a baby GIRL!! They found out today. She is half-way through her pregnancy, and I can’t wait for little Sarah-Kate to make her entrance to the world. I am going to spoil that little Miss rotten.

I made my name a bit arse at SPAR tonight. M & I felt like having some rusks, him with his coffee, me with my rooibos tea. Only problem being that we did not have rusks in the house. M said if I’m willing to get out at SPAR, he’s willing to drive us. It was after 8 (their official closing time) but we decided to drive past and see if they were open. They were, so I hopped out the car, clutching R40, enough for bread, the rusks and an optional and unspecified ‘treat’. Once trawling down the ‘rusks’ aisle, I remembered M’s breakfast cereal that he likes is finished, so I took a packet off the shelf, grabbed the cheapest rusks I could find and a loaf of brown bread. (Don’t ask me to get white, ever). Got to the till, and I was R2 short, can you believe it. So I said to leave the bread (it was a bit stale, anyway). There was quite a queue behind me, and it was at this stage that the young guy who packs the groceries offered me some money for the bread. There I was, clutching the (not cheap) rusks, and the luxury cereal, and he was offering me his tips so that I could get the bread. I nearly cried, only I was a bit embarrassed at the whole thing, lol. Actually, this young man has been very kind to me in the past, when I have been battling mobility issues. He always made sure no-one took the trolley away from me at the till, knowing that I used it to get to the car. He always checks with me first, before he takes it away, even now. It is so nice to come across people that are so in tune with others’ needs and feelings. I never realized before tonight how fond I am of him. .

What else? Oh yes, burnt my hand to a crisp tonight. After we got back with the rusks, I made a cup of tea. It was a bit on the full side, and as I picked it up, a little of the boiling hot tea slopped over the edge of the mug, onto my hand. I got a shock and as a reflex, jolted the cup, sending about half of it all over my hand and arm. Ouch!

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with wordpress. I wrote out a lovely, long post about my reunion and when I tried to publish it to my site, the whole thing upped and vanished. I was so disgusted, as I had no back-up. I didn’t have it in me to write it again. I’ll give it another stab tomorrow. Till then, nighty-night.

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November 19, 2007 at 11:36 pm

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