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Mmm. Last night’s post was a little on the personal side. And with all the feed-readers out there, it’s pointless taking it down. I don’t know what I was thinking last night. Actually, I’m fully aware that my brain works differently at night. The closer it gets to midnight, the more ‘out of my shell’ I get. Ha ha. (Big night-owl here). Complete with narcissistic tendencies of posting close-up photo’s of myself. Cringe. 

But. I got so many lovely comments that it was worth it to share a little piece of me that usually gets hidden under several layers of Maggie. In fact, now that it’s out, I may as well expand on it. 

Thing is, the more the MS backs off, the more the existential crisis shifts in. Very weird. Or maybe not so much. Maybe just human nature. 

I’m recovering so nicely and consistently that I predict that I will only be on the disability pension for one more year. And better that I get my act together before then.  

As far as the relapse goes, it is not progressing, thankfully. The trial meds are obviously working, because this relapse is battling to pick up momentum. I’m tired of the numbness though, and it is affecting my eyes slightly, which I do NOT enjoy. Haven’t quite made up my mind on a course of action yet. Previously, it always backed me into a corner and then I went for meds. For now, I am going for a weekly detox, which does seem to be helping. 

Sister Anne passed her grade seven violin exam. I am so proud of her. She only started with the violin after she left school, so this achievement is very impressive. She has a lot on her plate at the mo, including work, a baby in the making and of course her hubby, so for her to have passed this exam is brilliant. Grade seven, for those not familiar with music, is a big deal. It only goes up to grade eight, and then comes the teacher’s licentiate. Way to go! 

And to finish off this post, some good news. I found out yesterday that I’m definitely not colour-blind in any way anymore. Several years ago, I was chronically colour blind. Red robots and green – no difference. But my eyesight has improved in leaps and bounds over the past year or two, and I did a test yesterday which included a question on colour-blindness which I passed with flying, uh…colours. Yay! 

And here are the promised…8 Facts about me 

(I was tagged by Mr. mdmhvonpa himself 😉  

1.     My full name is Margaret, after my maternal granny.

2.     When I was 17, I was thrown off a horse. Wasn’t hurt at all, but it makes me sound adventurous 😉

3.     I have two brothers and three sisters.

4.     A couple of years ago, I had a short story published in a national magazine.

5.     My hair is 100% its natural colour and always has been, except for highlights when I got married.

6.     Everyone in our family calls Michael and I ‘M & M’.

7.     My favourite book has always been Gone With the Wind. I’ve read it at least 10 times.

8.     I am a huge sucker for comedies. Never ever watch horror movies, though. 

And a bonus one for luck – I am a vegetarian, 99% of the time J

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November 21, 2007 at 5:47 pm

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