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I’m going to hospital tomorrow for some IV Solu-medrol. But that is not why I am annoyed. I have been expecting it after all. Apart from the numbness that is slowly  moving into my hands as well as my feet, I am experiencing shortness of breath. This is typical of a spinal lesion, and is not a particularly good sign, for obvious reasons. I remember when I was diagnosed, the neurologist, after seeing the placement of the lesion on the MRI (also a spinal lesion) had me on a cortisone drip so fast my head was spinning. He said it could seriously hamper my ability to breath at any moment.

Anyway, I took all this as a sign to stop buggering around and go take the meds. First had to phone the neuro in JHB. He sounded quite concerned and said although ideally he’d like to see me first, because we aren’t local he thinks I should go ahead and take the meds. We couldn’t agree on a dosage though. I wanted to take my usual once off, 1 gram dosage, he wanted me to take the full five-day course, or at least a three day course of 3 grams. Eventually, he told me the very least I can take is 2 grams, over two days. This makes me mad. I know my body, I know that 1 gram works perfectly fine. But I didn’t want to argue it back and forth, so I capitulated. I have a good mind only to take the 1g, though. I wonder if they’d check up on me. The thing is, M & I have been invited to a friend of ours restaurant’s grand-opening tomorrow night. I do not want to miss it. But if I’m booked into hospital, which I will be, it’s going to be kinda hard to attend. Rats. The larney private hospital where I am booked into from tomorrow morning is full tonight. Maybe I should go to the less larney hospital and just get it over with. Then I can still attend the restaurant opening.

As if this doesn’t have me in a bad enough mood, the *%#$@!!-ing neighbours from  next door keep spraying this disgusting fly/ toilet spray that is obviously doubling as deodorant. I HATE aerosol deodorant. Aerosol anything, really. I am so allergic to it. After inhaling it through the open window (wafting over from next door) I had a violent sneezing fit, after which I got these big numb patches all over my face. I think the stuff does so much damage to the environment that it is going to be outlawed one day, and I only hope I live to see it. As it is, it is already illegal to spray perfume in public in Europe, because so many people are allergic. It sucks being a human canary, but that stuff is bad news, I’ll tell you that for nothing. What’s wrong with roll-on, anyway? I swear the sprayed stuff is ten times worse than second-hand smoke! Sometimes I think we are a very backward (and obviously stinky) civilisation.

Rant over. Mmmm – that does feel tons better. Thank you for listening 😉

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November 22, 2007 at 2:57 pm

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