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Back home, weeeeeh! … slump.

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The hospital visit wasn’t bad at all. Short and sweet. Could’ve been even shorter and sweeter, if not for a misunderstanding between my doctor and one of the nurses. They phoned him to remind him that he had to come down to the hospital to discharge me (otherwise med. aid doesn’t pay). He was on his way home  from Pretoria, and said they could let me go home, if I was feeling okay, and he’d pop in later to sign the discharge papers. Well, somehow, nursey translated that to mean, you stay here till the doc comes. So I waited there from 10am to 2pm needlessly. Eventually phoned the doc on his cell, and he sounded annoyed and said of course I can go home, he’d take care of the paperwork later.

Mmmm, someone needed her ears boxed, but I managed to restrain myself, lol.  Only just, though.

Other than that, I didn’t have a bad time at all. My ward-mates were very pleasant. The one lady had been bitten by a tick, and developed tickbite-fever, which does NOT look like fun. The other lady was displaying disturbingly MS-like symptoms. She has not been diagnosed with anything yet, and the GP seems to be buggering around a fair bit. She is walking with great difficulting, using a walking-aid. This has developed to that point in little over a month. They had her on a cortisone drip and she appeared to be doing a little better today. She had an MRI scan which showed damaged on her spinal cord. I didn’t want to mention the letters M or S, as I might not be in possession of all the facts. But I did give her the telephone of my neurologist before I left and told her to pay him a visit if the GP couldn’t shed light on things, and he’d help her figure it out. She seemed to appreciate the gesture.

Right now, I am feeling completely knackered. Might have to do with the fact that I only got two hours of sleep last night. I was so hyper after the first dose of IV-solu-meds, thoughts clamouring for attention in my mind, pushing and shoving each other. Luckily, I brought my portable CD-walkman along, and had a fantastic time listening to some really nice music all night. Got to sleep eventually, only to be woken up at 4am to get the second dose attached to my short-drip. *yawn*

I really gotta get to bed. I’m nodding off at a rate of knots.

Hope I’m not going to crash too badly tomorrow. Oh please.

If I don’t make an appearance for several days, you’ll know why. Because I’m being my normal maudlin, and or aggressive post-steroids self.

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November 24, 2007 at 8:56 pm

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