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Oh my goodness, the heat…

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Heat wave central here by us. So damn hot! Today was touching on 35 degrees, and that’s celcius for my dear overseas readers. That would be 95 degrees fahrenheit.

Actually, I’m doing all right, MS-wise, considering. Read: I can still walk. I’m sweating like a pig though.

My new year’s resolutions are going surprisingly well. I decided I’ll only start talking about them after a month. Unless I’ve chucked them all by that time, which is a possibility, and in which case I’ll shut up about the whole venture and swear off resolutions for good. (No pressure, lol)

I will share a tiny one though. I am re-learning to walk toe-heel. This is a classic and very indicative test used by neurologists to determine neurological status in MS patients. I never knew what my first neuro was on about when he asked me to do this. Back then, I could do it, no problem. These days, when my trusty neuro asks me, I cannot do it for even two steps without stumbling to either side. Weird. Anyway, I’ve recently found out that after nerve damage, new pathways/ circuits have to be burnt into the brain to make ‘things’ possible again. So I basically have a month to go before my next neuro check-up by which time I hope to be able to do a very nonchalant toe-heel walk across the room.

It’s quite incredible, actually. I’ve been practising for a couple of days and there is a definite improvement. I can actually walk at least eight steps, albeit with my arms flapping wildly beside my head for balance. I can feel it coming back!

I’m hoping that if I re-learn toe-heel, it will precipitate other improvements too. This is so exciting. Just wish I could do something about the ever-present numbness. I live in fear that it is going to get worse in my hands. It’s like the f***ing sword of Damokles.

Little confession: I love watching Hannah Montana. I even put up with Michael’s ribbing when he catches me at it. It’s just the cutest program though. I love the father-daughter combo of Miley and Billy-Ray Cyrus, it’s just so toe-curlingly charming. Billy-Ray, incidentally, is looking totally hot since dumping the mullet hairdo of his Achey-Breaky days. Eye-candy, girls. The dialogue is quite sharp, and the actors are so adorable. It makes me remember my teen days with fondness. Plus I get to talk about it to my niece when I phone her. Okay, confession over 😉

How is 2008 treating y’all?

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January 3, 2008 at 5:31 pm

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