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It’sssss my birthday

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Come on, any Terry Pratchett lovers out there? Tell me which of his books my title comes from and I’ll be way impressed. Tune in for the answer tomorrow. I’m 28 years old today. All grown up. When did that happen?

I feel totally gung-ho about being 28 because for a whole day I had myself convinced that I was actually turning 29, so now 28 seems very mild by comparison. Ha ha. Talk to me again this time next year and we’ll see how much I’m laughing then 😉

I’m now the same age Michael was when we met (all those aeons ago). I must say, I can’t imagine dating a 20 year old, which is what he did with me. But it’s different, I guess. Very archetypical of society’s rules that. Men may date younger women, women may NOT date younger men, without all hell breaking loose. Oh, how the tongues like to wag. I’ve a good mind to get myself a toyboy. Ha ha ha ha. Maybe not. How tedious, the very idea.

M and I are keeping ourselves amused by air-kissing each other, like the French do. We’re both still a bit phlegmmy etc, and we’d hate to create a mutant virus at this late stage by swopping germs. And we do kiss each other often. Basically every time M comes home from work for lunch, or comes home at the end of the day, or when we go to bed. And we would have had a field day on my birthday, were it not for the lingering flu-germs. Instead, every time we see each other, we air-kiss on both cheeks. Mwah, mwah! Very continental. It hasn’t gotten old yet, after nearly two weeks. We still get a good giggle out of it. (As I type this, I realise we may be a bit on the paranoid side, but it was a really bad flu, and it did ruin Christmas. Never mind The Grinch! This year it was The Flu that stole Christmas.)

I am having such a great birthday. I’ve gotten so many phone calls and messages from my favourite people in the world. I feel so popular, lol. I just love my birthday. I got some pretty great gifts, too.

Update on my granddad: he is doing much better than he was. He’s lucid now, after a spell of being a bit confused in the hospital, although that was probably due to the mind-altering drugs they were popping him in there. His hip is much better, and he’s walking about with a zimmer-frame. He’s just regaining his strength, and then he’s going to join my granny in the old-age home in Jo’burg. I’m so glad that he’s pulled through so marvellously.

Update on toe-heel: coming along, people, coming along. If it wasn’t for my windmilling arms, you’d never know I had a problem ;-p

New year’s resolution nr.2, i.e. eating properly, is going really well. I know one swallow doesn’t make a summer, but neither does one swallow of cake ruin one’s diet, right? Right!? I conceded to eat a bit of cake on my birthday, but that totally doesn’t count. Even though it contains all of the forbidden four, i.e. gluten, sugar, saturated fat and dairy. Still doesn’t count, because it’s my birthday. Hey, I’m leaving the cigars and brandy. That should count for something.


That about it for today.

Written by Maggie

January 4, 2008 at 3:52 pm

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  1. Of course it’s A-Okay to eat cake on your birthday. Birthdays don’t count 🙂 Happy birthday again


    January 4, 2008 at 4:18 pm

  2. Maggie You always are looking on the bright side of things – at least having to windmill with the heel-toe thingie helps keep the air circulating amidst the heat wave! Happy Birthday again at 28. To make you feel even better about it, that happened to me 32 years ago!!


    January 4, 2008 at 6:09 pm

  3. Wow … 28. What was I doing when I was 28 …. hrm.

    Happy birthday, do something interesting and memorable.


    January 4, 2008 at 7:01 pm

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