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There’s a reason…

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… why I don’t blog every day. Apart from when I’m going through a particularly vicious groove with my MS, I live a pretty uneventful life. This is by no means a bad thing, but it doesn’t necessarily make for riveting blogging. Still, I made a commitment so I will stick to it, but I think in February I will go back to being a lazy sporadic blogger.

I am definitely seeing improvement in Operation Toe-Heel. When I started last week, I could barely manage three stumbling steps, at most. I can now walk the length of the carpet in our living-room which amounts to about 12 steps. It’s still inconsistent. Sometimes I still stumble after just a step or two, but it is becoming more and more stable. Less arm action, too. Today, I asked Michael to show me how he walks toe-heel, and to my surprise he didn’t find it as easy as I thought he would. I was under the impression that other (non-MS) people had no trouble whatsoever with it. M obviously did it a lot better than I, but it still took concentration and even some arm flapping. I’ll see if I can get M to video-tape me doing my toe-heel thing and put it up on YouTube so y’all can see my progress. Other people put videos of their kids learning to walk on YouTube. Michael can put one on of his wife learning to walk. Ha ha ha.

After I’ve mastered toe-heel, I’m gonna get started on ‘hopping on one leg’. I need to be able to do ten hops on either leg. I’m not sure why ten, but that is the goal.

Speaking about hopping, I had such a glorious time the other evening, jumping on my parents-in-law’s new trampoline. MS-ers are notorious for not being able to jump, but on a trampoline it’s more than possible, especially once one gets going. I had such a ball. I can’t begin to explain how free I felt. I love my body dearly, but it has been holding me back a tad, lol.

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January 8, 2008 at 10:11 pm

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