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Easing into things.

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As I was logging onto wordpress I fleetingly saw a news headline that I really didn’t want to see. Husband kills and mutilates wife, tries to cook and eat her. I had already clicked on another link, so I only saw it for a split-second, but it was enough.

I don’t read or watch the news for this reason. There is so seldom any good news because let’s face it – good news doesn’t sell. I’m sadly out of date with current affairs, but as they (in SA at least) usually consist of the various ways people have been murdered, I’m willing to miss out.

I worry sometimes about the human race. I wonder if it were possible to measure how many people there are who are basically good, and how many are basically bad, which side would come out tops? I’m not sure I want to know the answer to that question.

On to less morbid topics…

I just had a marvellous meal. Scrambled eggs on toast. What is so wonderful about eggs on toast, I hear you ask? Well, see, it’s like this – I was Cheating-On-My-Diet. So good old eggs on toast became sinfully delicious. The egg itself wasn’t the culprit. Eggs are actually very good for you, providing protein, choline, inositol and that’s just off the top of my head, I’m sure they have plenty more good stuff in them. And this particular egg was an organic egg, hailing from good old Woolworths.

No, the bad part was the bread. Or more specifically, the gluten in the bread. There is not an MS-diet in the land that will allow gluten in any form, shape or size within its portals.

Bad Maggie. Still, at least it was only two slices. I’ve done worse. I don’t actually know why I still believe myself when I say something along the lines of…”I’ll just have this piece of cake then I’ll go straight back on my diet. What’s a piece of cake on my birthday, anyway?”

Will I never learn? I was doing so well on my healthy-eating-plan prior to the cake. And one can never just ‘go back on the diet’ because going off it, however briefly, opens a pandora’s box that should have been left shut. Inside Pandora’s box, FYI, is a malevolent little sprite who jumps out and sucks all your willpower out of you!

I haven’t gone ballistically off my diet. Just minor offenses. Bit of dairy here, bit of gluten there. Some strawberry jam loaded with sugar on that gluten? Sure.

I hang my head in shame at being so predictable. Luckily the New-Year’s-Resolution made allowances for this type of thing. January is my month for ‘easing into things’ and as far as easing goes – I’m doing pretty good. 

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January 9, 2008 at 11:42 am

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