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Today it was a hard-boiled egg sarmie. I rest my case.

How I ever managed to stay so anally and perfectly on my (very restrictive) healthy eating plan for THREE YEARS is completely beyond me. I think the secret was that I actually thought it might work back then. But I was just having relapse after relapse, and that kinda sucks when you haven’t even a chocolate to comfort you.

A lot of MS sufferers experience absolutely unbelievable results when they adopt the classic MS diet, of Prof. Roy Swank and Co. Or more recent versions such as Ashton Embry’s Best Bet Diet. (They all have it in common that gluten, dairy and saturated fat are not even allowed a place in the sun, total pariahs). The reason why some experience a spontaneous cure two days after starting on the diet is because (in my humble opinion) that incorrect eating was the cause of their MS. Hidden allergies, leaky gut syndrome, etc. Hence, when they cut out the dietary trouble-makers, they go into remission.

I happen to belive that there is no one cause of MS, and most likely no one cure, which is why it has the medical research guys so baffled and flummoxed.

Which brings me to my point – I don’t think I have MS because of anything diet-related.

I could hazard a pretty good guess on why I do have it. I had the misfortune of growing up on a property that was poisoned by the goldmining industry. (I’m not just sucking this out of my thumb, by the way. There are no less than 3 cases of MS originating from that small piece of land).

So if I don’t believe that following the MS diet will fix me, why am I trying to follow it? Well, the answer is this…I’m not following any MS diet per se. But the MS diet is a very healthy one and ties in with the general dietary philosophy that I do believe in.

I’m sort of trying a holistic approach to health. Covering all my bases, as it were. Eating junk is going to get me nowhere, and eating healthily has other benefits than just expecting an overnight cure of my MS. Plus, I just feel so much better when I eat properly.

The other fly in the ointment, is that while incorrect eating may not have caused my MS, it sure does aggravate it. Also, people with MS tend to have different nutritional needs than the general population, what with all the nerve and myelin repair that needs to be attended to on an ongoing basis. Dietary raw materials are needed for that. Good quality myelin ain’t gonna be manufactured from shoddy building materials, and thata a fact! Very high maintenance, your average MS constitution.

And as for my title, I had one of those moments today where you just step outside of yourself for a moment and see how hot-damn good you have it. More on that tomorrow…

Good night, y’all

Written by Maggie

January 10, 2008 at 6:30 pm

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