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I ended up looking half illiterate in my previous post. In my defense – it was done at the speed of summer-lightning, and I didn’t proof read it.

Michael got caught up in something on tv, so I have time for a little addendum to my previous post. It’s about fever blisters.

I always thought that fever blisters were something that happened to other people. I have never had one in my entire life. And that’s 28 years, mind you.

Until this week. Michael has kindly transferred his herpes zoster virus from his lip to mine. (I think it’s the herpes zoster that causes fever blisters but I speak under correction. It’s quite a versatile little bugger. It also causes chicken pox, shingles and has even been fingered for MS by some). *Just googled it, is actually Herpes Simplex.  (Not to be confused with an STD, please!)

Anyway, I’m not enjoying the experience one bit. It hurts when I eat and when I brush my teeth. It’s really irritating and my lip feels three times its normal size, even though a look in the mirror assures me that this isn’t so. Actually, it’s completely on the inside of my lip and not visible at all. Unfortunately that means that I can’t put the topical cream that M uses on it because its halfway down my damn throat. Well, not really, but I ain’t putting weird creams in my mouth, so I’ll just suffer through. But how long can it still last?? It has been three days already.

I just hope this isn’t a recurring thing because it sucks. I have a newfound sympathy for people with cold sores!

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January 12, 2008 at 11:29 pm

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