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Whooops! Nearly missed today’s post.

I don’t have a lot of time. We were out for a lot of today, and when we were home, the electricity was off. We have huge problems with electricity in South Africa. Demand is solidly outweighing supply. The ‘middle-class’ section of SA is growing in leaps and bounds, and as the income of individuals go up, so does their standard of living and their electricity usage. There is not enough to go round, and know they (the government) are busy with something called load-sharing, where various sections of the country take turns being without electricity. This afternoon, it was our turn, though only for two hours. Two looong hours, where we barely knew what to do with ourselves, sitting in front of the dead tv, staring at a black screen.

Only kidding. I took the car (took the car!) and went and visited my sister and her family, including my adorable nephew Christopher. Michael watched some golf on tv and then caught a snooze while the power was off. We live about 400 meters from my sisters house, so I don’t even have to go into 3rd gear when driving there, but it is still an adventure for me. I love the feeling of getting in the car and driving, even if it’s only for less than a minute transit time. On the way back, I experienced a bit of latchkey incontinence. This is where you have no urge whatsoever to go to the toilet until you arrive at your frontdoor, and suddenly (desperately) need to go. It sounds insane but there is obviously a part of the brain (could be the cerebellum?) that fancies itself a bit of a joker. Talk about a mad rush to the loo. Talk about being just in time. Talk about the MS bladder still going strong, even though some of my other symptoms have abated.

Today I had my hair cut in a short, feathery bob, which I love. Mean meaning to do it for ages.

Tomorrow we were going to go to my nephew’s 2nd birthday party. Poor little guy ended up having grommits put in his ears today, so there will be no party tomorrow. I hope he is feeling better by Monday, which is his actual birthday.

That’s about it from me today. Like I said, I don’t have oodles of time – Michael wants some computer time too, and I’m only allowed to hog it for so long, lol.

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January 12, 2008 at 10:50 pm

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  1. Fever blisters are HORRIBLE!!! I hope yours heals up quickly. I have some black liquod stuff that I always brush on when I get a fever blister. I unfortunately get when I’m stressed and you know how easily I do that!

    Zander is sleeping so nicely but I’m awake feeling HORRIBLE from flu. So here I sit blogging in the middle of the night and enjoying a cup of coffee (which panado and flu meds lol)


    January 13, 2008 at 1:23 am

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