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Falling off the bandwagon…

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I’m ashamed to admit it, but I ate shockingly badly this weekend. The whole week I started sliding backwards, culminating in a grand finale yesterday. It was chocolates, ice-creams, cake and tart, lots of bread, drinking yoghurt… I was well over my quota of saturated fat, apart from anything else. No excuse but that I was feeling sorry for myself due to the fever blister and general PMS (which hits hard combined with the MS, but this time was quite a breeze so I don’t know what’s my story).

I paid the price last night. And not in small change, but rather in Dollar bills. I woke up in the middle of the night with a delightful (not!) case of restless leg. Except my version is a thrilling and unique variation – restless body. There’s really nothing I could do, just lie there feeling intensely irritated and on edge until I went back to sleep.This morning it has abated, but I still feel tension in my hands and keep clenching my fists, which is what I do when I feel a bit freaked out by the weird sensations. And I brought it on myself. *hangs head*

Oh well, I guess this was just the culture shock I needed to stop buggering around and get a grip on myself. Mind you, if January is to be my month of easing into eating properly, then it’s probably just as well that this happened now so that I can get it behind me for the year. Note to self: don’t break diet for anything if it’s going well. Not even birthday cake – your own or anyone else’s lol.

On a more positive note, I’ve lost the extreme stiffness that I used to have. I think this can be solidly attributed to the swimming that I’ve been doing. I’m not sure how much of my recent recovery is due to the medical trials and how much is due to the physical exercise, but I’m pretty sure that the stiffness and muscles spasms are gone due to the workouts.It used to be quite bad. I would have these intense, involuntary stretches of the muscles in my legs that used to hurt my back a lot when it was so sore. I used to laugh and call them ‘pork chop’ because I imagine it looked like a nice pork hanging on the butcher’s hook, all stretched out. But it wasn’t funny and I didn’t enjoy it. Also, when I got out of bed in the mornings, or got up after sitting down for a while, my legs would be so stiff that my walking would look quite spastic until I stretched them out. It was usually at this stage that I’d click my back out because of the strain. I always needed my walker to get to the bathroom in the morning because of the stiffness. It was quite severe.

Gradually, over this past year of swimming three times a week and doing Yogalates exercises, it has disappeared. In the mornings I swing my legs out of bed and just start walking, no stiffness. It is wonderful. And worth every single stroke in the pool. No more pork chop, no more tottering around trying to ease the stiffness out of my legs, no more putting my back out every five minutes.

I can even give thanks on bended knee, if I want to. 

Edited to add: I feel a bit better about myself now. I had two apples and a big glass of water for breakfast, and then went to the gym and swam 30 lengths (of 25m each) in the pool. My Monday has been salvaged, lol. I’m ready for the week.

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January 14, 2008 at 11:48 am

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