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M&M whirlwind adventure

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That is a direct quote from Shrek, if you’ll recall. Only instead of Donkey & Shrek, substitute M & M.

I only went to bed at 2am last night (this morning?) I found a really cool photography site ( ) and couldn’t drag myself away.

Anyway, so 9 o’ clock this morning I was still pretty wasted when M phoned, wanting to know if I wanted to go to Joburg with him (he had to go for work purposes to drop something off there). So I said sure, got dressed, washed my face, brushed my hair and off we went.

It was a very nice day. The trip there was no problem, although the GPS did take us through a really dodgy part of Joburg. We went off the highway too soon and ended up under a bridge in a taxi rank that was very dark and sinister-looking. Michael said he saw two rats running across the road, giving him the evil eye. (That last part wasn’t strictly true, but it wouldn’t have surprised me. That’s the type of setting it was!) Luckily, he got us out of there, pronto. Not the part of town you want to be driving through in your newish car that you’re still paying off.

We dropped off the parcel, and then we went to Kauai for lunch, where I made a bit of a pig of myself. No surprises there. I had a voucher for a free smoothie, only you had to buy one to get the free one. So I had two 500ml smoothies mostly on my own. (Michael had a cappucino). I also had a veggie burger and, a tot of wheatgrass juice. Very delicious. Especially the burger.

Then we went home and ran into some traffic problems as the traffic lights weren’t working (load-shedding!! Grrr.) It wasn’t too bad though and in due time we were back on the highway. It was at this stage that the two 500ml smoothies I’d had starting catching up with me and my MS bladder. Was I ever relieved when we eventually pulled into a service station!

I actually recall having quite a blog entry going in my head, but I can’t remember any of it now. So toodles till tomorrow 😉 

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January 22, 2008 at 10:30 pm

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