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Rude kids

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I was ticked off at the gym today. When my dad and I got there this morning, the power was off. So no treadmilling for him and no beemer-bedding for me. However. The pool looked so inviting. Not a single ripple in the water and sunlight streaming in through the windows. The temperature was just right. Pure heaven. When one is swimming in the lovely silence provided by the lack of electricity, one can go into an almost meditative state while swimming up and down.

Yes, it was idyllic. For two lengths, that is. Then a whole bunch of school kids came streaming in. Noisy, yes, but that wasn’t the problem. The thing is, if there are more swimmers than lanes then you share a lane, swimming in a circular fashion. Two girls got into ‘my’ lane, and started swimming next to each other, thus taking up the whole lane, leaving me no gap to swim through in the opposite direction. I had to make way, as I didn’t want to be wacked in the chops. When they came back, I tried to get their attention, but they didn’t appear to notice. Man!

So I stood in the middle of the lane, forcing one of the girls to stop. “Exciuse me, but did you notice that I was swimming in this lane?”

She didn’t look surprised at all (so it’s not as if she just didn’t see me). “Yes, that’s fine,” she said and carried on swimming, as if granting me permission!

After that, I did notice that they at least stuck to their half of the lane, in single file.

I was quite floored by this rudeness. These kids are from one of the ‘rich’ schools in the area, and I was struck by the complete sense of entitlement that they have.

It wasn’t a particularly pleasant swim. When people are sharing a lane there tends to be the odd kick that connects painfully to your leg! I did my usual 24 lengths at speed and got the hell out of there.

It’s bad enough that I’m sharing my electricity at home, now I’ve got to share my lane with bratty teen girls. Ha ha. I guess I’ve been a bit spoiled because usually when my dad and I go gymming we have the pool to ourselves because of the time-slot that we usually go there. Interestingly enough, my dad had his lane to himself, lol. There was a girl that got into his lane (probably thought it was empty) but when she  saw him she ducked under to the next lane. I wish I could get that right! That’s the only problem with looking younger than I am. Those brats probably thought I was one of them. Spare me!

We’re actually a really nice bunch that gym from 10 to 12 in the mornings. It’s the older folk and people with disabilities and a couple of other regulars. No one trying to make a fashion statement, or being snooty with anyone else. Those kids don’t do much for the relaxed atmosphere, I can tell you. I know kids will be kids, especially when they’re in a group, but a bit of respect for the other people that are there would be nice.

Written by Maggie

January 23, 2008 at 6:00 pm

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  1. That was my first thought – that they thought you were one of them lol 🙂 But really…kids can be SO rude these days


    January 24, 2008 at 6:51 am

  2. That would have frustrated me too girl


    January 24, 2008 at 6:06 pm

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