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Installment two.

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I’m not quite sure what I was trying to achieve with yesterday’s post, apart from making myself feel better. I don’t know if it would be particularly helpful to anyone else with MS, as the disease varies so greatly from individual to individual. For the record though, I did reach a psychological milestone in the process. Why I would want to blame myself for what a chronically degenerative disease is doing/ has done to me, I don’t know. But I seem to have worked through it now. Thanks be.

Now that I’ve successfully gotten the point across that I haven’t neglected allopathic medicine, let me switch to the other side of things – naturopathic. Just as I believe in utilising years of research and wisdom in the field of scientific medicine, so do I believe in the naturopathic side of things – i.e. thousands of years of wisdom, and the fact that the body is meant to heal itself, if we’d just lessen the toxic load and give it a chance.

I am very grateful to science. I’m pretty sure I’d be dead by now if it weren’t for that, the way my relapses progress unchecked without intenvention. (Also because I think I have a fairly unusual case. Surely not that many cases of MS are as a result of toxic by-products from the mining-industry. I’d put my head on a block that this is the cause).

Natural cures are the bomb, no ways about it, but in many cases, they take time. Unspecified amounts of time, and that is a luxury that I didn’t have, and that many others don’t have. I am so fortunate that my condition has been stabilized by the medicines. But they are not a cure.

Switch to Naturopathics and alternative healing, which has been documented to cure ‘incurable’ ailments time and again. Naturopathic medicine is a fancy phrase for ‘kick-starting your body to heal itself. That is the way of nature, still in all ways advanced to anything that we have been able to come up with.

Everyone of us must find our own path, but for me it is clear that I have to strike a balance between the two very different fields of medicine. So many people feel that they have to choose between, but I say why not embrace the both of them? Whatever works, right?

Once again, I’m blogging at night and feeling tired, so once again, I’ll continue this train of thought (which is all that it is, really) tomorrow.


(And thanks for the comments yesterday. You guys rock!)

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January 25, 2008 at 10:23 pm

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