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Bottom of the bloggy barrel, I tell ya…

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Congrats to my darling hubby for coming first in today’s club competition and winning us a R300 shopping voucher. He played his best round of golf in 16 YEARS! Way to go, Michael. I am so crazy about that man.

I love weekends.

I’ve been feeling very content this week. No special reason, just been reflecting on how good I have it. I hope this feeling lasts, because it’s so nice.

It is now 11:34pm, so I have just snuck this post in in the nick of time. Only a handful of days left and then I am released from my commitment to blog every day. (Whose stupid idea was that, anyway? Oh yes, that would be mine).

Then I’ll blog because I want to, and ‘cos I have something to say, and not just because I like the sound of my own typing.

Ha ha. That was a funny, laugh damnit!

Gee, I really need to go to sleep before I embarass myself any more with this pathetic attempt at a post.


Nighty nite.

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January 26, 2008 at 11:38 pm

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