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Nice day.

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Today has been two months since I was last in hospital for IV cortisone treatment, and I’m feeling good.

I have to learn that with reasonably advanced MS there will always be good days and bad days, and even good weeks and bad ones. This week has been a good one and today was just fab. Since I realised that I was overdoing it in the pool and cut down to 24 (x 25 metre lengths) it has been going much better. I still get the benefit of keeping my back toned and exercising my heart/ lungs etc, but without completely knackering myself out. I’ve never been too good at the moderation in all things philosophy. If I eat chocolate then I do a proper job. (hah!) and if I exercise, then I tend to overdo it. Since way back when. Always had to do that little bit too much. Eish. But I seem to be getting a handle on it now, and I’m feeling good.

My back is really feeling good. I have so much more mobility in my joints. It is so good to live without pain. I am totally addicted to swimming, I’ll tell you that much.

Today we went to visit my parents and I had such a good time. We sat and visited around their pool, listening to music. My dad has this fantastic garden. Gorgeous pool that is built half up out of the ground (he built it himself), mini-golf course, tree house for the little ones and a wishing well (also built by himself). There’s a fishpond with a little bridge over it and a water feature. A cactus and flower garden, complete with prickly pears border the fence, and there are little statues and garden decorations all over the place, hidden amongst leaves and foliage. Oh yes, and night lights for the one who wants to go for an evening swim. The pool itself is shielded from view by reeds planted around it, so no-one can see in from outside. In the reeds are lots of birds’ nests, mostly weavers, who come and go all the time. There are even ladies and mens toilets (called the 10th hole of the mini-gold course) camouflaged with shields made out of reeds. Totally cool. It is so tranquil, I love it there.

He also has speakers hidden in the trees, connected to the sound system in the house, so there is soft background music playing while we visit. We sat around the pool chatting, and I was floating (fully-clothed) on a big inflatable couch/ lounger on the water. (Everyone was sort of holding their breath as I got on. A person would swear I had balance issues). I baked out a bit in the sun, but not too bad. I was actually surprised that I could still walk to the car in a straight line 😉

Talking about straight lines and walking, I went sleep-walking last night!!! Again!

When I ‘woke up’, I was sitting in front of the PC in our spare room, in the pitch dark, trying to turn the computer on with my big toe. (Actually this really cracks me up). The bizarre part of it is that I can’t walk that well in the dark because of my poor balance so I have no idea how I got there. Especially without buggering down the stairwell, which I had to pass enroute.

I suppose it says quite a lot about me that I go to the ‘puter in my sleep. Ha ha ha.

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January 27, 2008 at 6:04 pm

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