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My mom phoned me about an hour ago, very upset.

Two of their dogs (both bitches) had a huge fight. My mom says that she shouted so much that her voice will be hoarse for days. She threw water on them, but it didn’t help. Got the hose-pipe and sprayed them, still made no difference. Eventually my dad came running with the garden spade and with great difficulty, managed to separate them.

The younger of the two is about a year old, fully grown but still rambunctious as a puppy, still trying out her strength, which is immense.

I am a dog-lover, but I have never been able to grow attached to Stix. She’s enthusiastic and doesn’t take offense, no matter how much you shout at her for muddying your pants, or whatever. She jumps up on a person and plants her paws firmly on your shoulders. It’s attention seeking, but still no fun for the person being jumped. She also has a terrible habit of coming up behind a person and nipping your hand or the back of your ankle.

I just can’t like that dog. The other day, we went visiting there and she was circling the car like a piranha and we didn’t want to get out because it’s so unpleasant. So she got tired of waiting, and jumped up on the front of our car, raking her claws down the windscreen and over the bonnet. Luckily, luckily her claws are blunt and didn’t leave a mark. That car is our pride and joy and only a year old.

The last nail in the coffin has been today. Stix is a trouble-maker, and it is her that instigated the fight. It was apparently a bloody and vicious fight, and everyone is half traumatised.

So Stixie is leaving. Maybe to the SPCA, maybe to a new owner, but she’s going.

I guess dogs are like kids, in the way that you never know what his/ her personality is going to be like until they arrive.

But unlike kids, dogs can be farmed out. I don’t advocate it, actually, but in a case like this, I do. I am terribly scared that the dogs might be so engrossed in their fight that they turn on a human being who is trying to separate them.

The other participant in the fight was Sandy, 7 years old. So in doggy years, she’s quite an old lady. She’s smaller than Stix, but gave it a good go. I actually think she came off a bit better than her opponent, even though the latter had youth and strength on her side. But Sandy’s quite a mean little bitch in a fight.

Sandy is a very loving dog. She also thinks she’s human. Even though she’s a big dog, she’s more in the house than out. She’s almost like a kid in the house. My dad affectionately calls her Vettietjie Brak, which roughly translates to fat little mutt. My mom and sister and I call her M’dog. Because that was how we’d refer to her.

   “Hello, my dog.” “Where’s my dog?” “Are you hungry, my dog?” etc.

So it got abbreviated to M’dog. I guess in a similar fashion to Milady.

That is a pretty doted upon dog, and a real personality. She has a towel that she sleeps on if she’s in the house, on the kitchen floor. But if she gets scared at night (due to firecrakers or the like) She’ll carry her towel to my parents’ bedroom and sleep next to their bed. She’s very cute.

So it was no contest who was going to be evicted. Especially seeing as Stix is such an all-round terrorist and trouble-maker. I can’t even dredge up any sympathy for her. Frankly, I’ll be glad to see the back of her.

I just hope Sandy will be all right. I do love that dog.

It’s odd abut the fight, because they’ve gotten on pretty well up to now, and both were spayed at a young age, so I don’t think it’s hormonal. More gluttony, as both were given a bone and Stix decided she deserved both for herself and tried to take it off M’dog. Previously, it was just territorial sparring, but it seems to be getting out of hand.

Never a dull moment with pets, hey?

Written by Maggie

January 31, 2008 at 5:04 pm

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