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Confession Time…

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I have to be honest, otherwise what is the point of keeping a blog?

Here goes… I tumbled off the (no) chocolate bandwagon. (Mmmm, just got distracted imagining a wagon made of chocolate…) *drool*

I lasted for a good ten days, maybe longer, I wasn’t exactly keeping track. Until. I went to visit my sister the weekend before last and she gave me my belated birthday present. A novel entitled: The Chocolate Lovers’ Club, by Carole Matthews.

Back in the day, (before all this healthy-eating nonsense) my two favourite indulgences were, in no particular order, reading a good novel, and consuming good chocolate. Preferably at the same time for maximum impact. I wasn’t particular about the chocolate. I’m actually a bit of a pleb, preferring good old Cadbury’s or Beacon, (Nestlé will do too), to the more luxurious, expensive chocolates. Not that I’d turn down the latter, understand, 😉 but my point is that my tastes run cheap, I’m not exactly a connoisseur, I just need to feed my habit. Just don’t give me dark chocolate, okay? I’d rather have no chocolate than dark chocolate. That is how much I hate it.

So I reasoned that even though chocolate was off limits, I could still indulge in reading a good book. Not quite as good on its own, but if I had a choice, I’d rather give up chocolates than give up books, and that is saying a lot.

So I immersed myself in the book. Very, very enjoyable, and up to Ms Matthews usual inimitable standard. Only problemo was the subject matter. I guess I should have sussed out as much from the title. Call me naive. Or just forgetful of the power of the written word.

The novel goes about four friends, who just happen to be complete and utter chocoholics. They have regular meetings (whenever one of them has a crisis, in fact) at the club headquarters, aka Chocolate Heaven, chocolate delicatessen of note. Now, Carole Matthews (who must be a ‘user’ herself) paints a very evocative and clear picture. She goes to enormous trouble to describe the exact sensations aroused when the chocolate hits one’s tongue. No detail is spared, lol. My taste-buds were all a-prickle every time one of the characters indulged, which was just about every other page. Very Pavlovian of me. Except, instead of a bell, my trigger was the word ‘chocolate’ in the text.

I lasted about three days into the book, which I think was a superhuman feat of resistance, but, and I guess this was inevitable – I succumbed spectacularly. Today I actually ate a whole 100g bar of superfine luxury milk chocolate with caramel specks wrapped up in the sublime smoothness. But don’t tell Michael – it’s my guilty little secret. One of the benefits of being able to drive myself around again, even if only to the mini-supermarket down the road. More about that in a separate post because that will be a long one. Huge thing in my life – huge.

At least I finished the book today. I suppose that means that I can reign in the monster again. I must stop this all resistance crumbles mentality. How pathetic.

Remind me again why I want to give up chocolate, because I really can’t recall. 😉

Oh yes, and I do most thoroughly recommend the book and also issue out a challenge to anyone to read it without imbibing a single molecule of chocolate which I think might be impossible.

As for myself, I will step up to the challenge of following the path not previously taken i.e. not the ‘all roads lead to chocolate’ one. At least until the sequel hits shelves in late March. It’s name? The Choclate Lovers’ Diet. How appropriate.

Am I terribly predictable? I think I must be because when I spoke to my 11 year old niece last night, and mentioned that my 1-month-of-no-chocolate project had come a cropper, she deadpanned, “I thought you were going to make it one year without chocolate?

Oh yes. That.

So maybe not all my NY resolutions are going according to plan. What can I say? I am a slave to chocolate. And so I start again at day one…

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February 12, 2008 at 10:26 pm

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  1. You wanted to go a YEAR without chocolatE!!!!???? Even I, who don’t really love chocolate that much, won’t make a year lol


    February 13, 2008 at 10:01 am

  2. Perhaps we should try baby-steps. Like a week w/o chocolate?


    February 13, 2008 at 10:45 pm

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