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I can actually log onto wordpress today.

So many people are complaining about their blog servers. It’s probably due to sheer numbers. Everyone and their granny has a blog these days. It’s very en vogue.

I’ve been blogging since 2005, on and off. First on Modblog, then on Blogspot and for the past year and a bit on wordpress. Sometimes I think I’ve had enough and decide to quit. But it always lures me back. There’s just something very intoxicating about sharing with such a potentially vast audience. (Even though I only have about 20 or 30 readers on any given day. That’s not the point. Theoretically, there could be millions). I think it fulfils a need in people. Not voyeuristic per se. But for those of us who will never have our fifteen minutes, it is nice to know that someone, somewhere finds us interesting enough to go to the trouble of typing in our URL, visiting our little chink of cyberspace and reading what we have to say.

Enough about such musings, however. Let me not waste this opportunity, for who knows what tomorrow will bring. Electricity is not a given these days. Neither is a successful log-on to wordpress. On that note, let me just apologise to anyone with a wordpress address. I read you on google-reader, but I can’t comment from there and the site itself won’t open. Weird.

Quick (and last, promise) update on Stix. The lady from the SPCA phoned my mom this morning to find out if Stix has been spayed. (She has). She then told my mom that Stix’s new home is with a couple staying on a local farm. Apparently the husband is away from home a lot at night, and the wife is feeling unsafe. Not anymore, however. Stix is sleeping with her in the house. Ha ha, I had to laugh when I heard that. All Stixie’s dreams have come true and then some. I bet she’s being spoilt rotten and that her and the lady will form a great bond. Stix has always wanted to be a house-dog, but with the size of her, it wasn’t encouraged. Now she’s firmly ensconced, it seems, in the boudoir. One thing about her, she really is a good watch dog. There are no kids there and no other dogs, so all the attention is on her. What a success story. And like my mom says, maybe after three weeks in the cooler, she’s calmed down a bit.

You know what happens when you make a promise to yourself to stop eating (so much) chocolate and then don’t keep it? A little bad karma comes your way, that’s what. Yesterday, after pledging yet again to go easy on the chocs, I ended up eating half the slab that M brought home. That wasn’t the bad bit. Afterwards, when I was tidying up, I came across the wrapper and en-route to the dustbin to throw it away, I absently licked it, lest there be a few crumbs  of chocolate left in it. There were, but what a strange texture! I looked down at the wrapper, and it was crawling with ants. Oh crap! I immediately starting spitting ants out of my mouth, but not before a couple of them bit me. Ow. My tongue was tingling for ages afterwards. Let that be a lesson, Maggie!

It was been relentlessly hot this week. Really bad. Nasty heat-wave in February, no less. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with swimming. And doing outdoorsy stuff. I loved Summer and would brook no discussion on any other season as candidate for favourite. When it got to end of February, I started dreading the approach of Winter, and short days, long, cold nights.

How things have changed. Winter is kind to me now. I can wear my jeans and long pants without being reduced to leglessness. A strange word, but very apt. If you have MS, no explanation is necessary – we all know the feeling.

I find myself looking forward to Autumn. Actually, and this is new to me, Autumn may well be the loveliest season of all. The days are cooler, but still mild. Moderate – now there’s a word I love. Especially while sitting here sweating, enduring temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius after eight pm. No man! 

I haven’t been having a great week, physically. For once, I’ll postpone labelling it a relapse and concede that I will have my bad days, as well as the good ones that I have been blessed with recently. And given how hot it’s been, it’s really no surprise. In six more days, I will have been three months relapse-free. This is a bit of a danger zone, they do tend to be three months apart. So hold thumbs for me that it’s just the heat.

I must say though, my bad days, lately, have been the equivalent of my extremely good days from a time not so long ago.

On Monday, I actually took the car and drove myself to my brother’s house (in the next town) to visit my niece for her birthday. Aiden is all of 3 years old, and is just as cute as pie. I’ve never seen a kid that young with such an expressive face. Too adorable.

Then on Tuesday, I washed and hung up the curtains in our sitting-room. They are big curtains, as they cover the french doors, which are the back entrance to our flat. Anyway, it’s quite a job. This may sound like a very silly milestone, but it is something that I haven’t been able to do in the longest time. I now have the  balance again to stand on a chair to reach the pelmets, and the stamina to stay there until I’ve finished hanging the curtains up. I felt such a sense of achievement. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages as they were very dusty, but I kept putting it off. Now it’s done and they look so pretty and clean. And I don’t sneeze every-time I draw them, lol.

But from Wednesday, I’ve felt pretty knackered. I don’t know if it’s because I overdid it a bit, or perhaps it’s the heat. I just hope it’s not option three – encroaching relapse. I don’t think so though. My guess is the heat. Everyone seems to be a bit out of sorts. Oh, and it’s a full moon, too. Ever noticed how that seems to aggravate people? Seriously.

Think I’ll go to bed now, I’ve waffled on for way too long.

So sleepy…

Written by Maggie

February 21, 2008 at 10:54 pm

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  1. Maggie I’m so happy for Stix. She just needed one on one attention I’m sure. Wow girl you must not overdo things take it easy. So happy for you that you are driving yourself around it must feel GREAT !!

    Mom Archer

    February 22, 2008 at 8:41 am

  2. Great for Stix! I love a well-homed dog story.

    OMG, ants on your tongue… I am not a fan of ants. They always seem to swarm when I’m having a difficult time, just to make things worse. The day I moved across the country to California (thousands of miles from my family), I opened my suitcase to find that somehow, it had become infested with ants. My first night was spent soaking my clothes and trying to find something to wear that wasn’t covered in insects. Gah!

    I hope it’s the heat and your exertions that are making you tired.

    Katie Alender

    February 22, 2008 at 6:34 pm

  3. I am so glad to have come across this post. Its been weeks no since I managed to log into WP without any hassles. Its so frustration. I can blog, neither can I read othe WP blogs!!!


    February 24, 2008 at 6:43 pm

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