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It sure took me long enough to log onto wordpress again after my last post.

About 2.5 seconds after I hit publish on my previous entry, I started pondering on the questionable taste of the DIY hotpants photo that I uploaded. Sure, I meant it as a joke, and thought it was really funny that Michael snuck that photo in ( I wasn’t aware I was being filmed, actually). Then I thought, perhaps that was a little something that should have remained categorised under the heading: Personal Joke.

Not that it mattered because even though I tried to go back and delete it before it got picked up by google (et al) feed-reader, it was too late. I couldn’t log onto my dashboard again until today. And the pic has been languishing there so long now that I might as well not even bother removing it. That ship has sailed, along with my trashy photo, lol. I must be more of an attention-seeker than I realised 😉 I guess I felt a bit out that I wasn’t in possession of a baby bump, too.

Congrats to my darling parents-in-law. 39 years married today. Now that’s what I call a cause for celebration.

I just spent the past fifteen minutes trying to upload some more photo’s on here. (None of which were of my butt). It was a pic that I doctored last  night of my gorgeous pregnant sisters. I think it might be the paintshop pro frames that I put on them that are causing the difficulty in uploading. What a pity.

Other than that, it’s quiet on the home-front. None too productive, either. I’m going to have to pull finger a bit if I want to achieve the goals that I set for myself this year. On some of them I’m doing very well (case in point: driving the car around). In other areas, I’m lagging sadly behind. It is so easy for a day to get swallowed up by domestic chores. Don’t get me wrong – I am delighted that I am able to perform said chores again, but I do want a little more out of my life than that…

Written by Maggie

February 26, 2008 at 5:05 pm

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