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Happy Feet – I don’t geddit.

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Michael and I must be the only people in the civilised world who didn’t like Happy Feet much.

It was hyped up so much, was subject to the ravest of reviews and even got the Oscar nod. I found it boring to get through. Could have been a state of mind thing at the time (of both Michael and myself) but I don’t think so. The only bit I enjoyed was where the leopard seal nearly gets the penguin. I got a huge fright, but that was about the only emotion I felt during the whole film.

I appreciate the message that was delivered to kids the world over about conservation issues. (Actually I have a huge environmental/ green peace post coming up, but I’m so riled up at the moment that I think I better just calm down a bit before I seriously offend people).

It is not as if I don’t like the genre. I love good animated films. Michael too. When we met, he told me that his favourite movie of all time was The Lion King. And I love all those old classics (Jungle Book, Fox and the Hound, Robin Hood) as well as the more recent (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladin). Just the other day, we watched Toy Story together and declared it the best movie we’d seen in ages. We love our animation. Just not Happy Feet.

I did like Brittany Murphy’s singing, though. Such a cute actress.

So now let all the comments stream in about how wrong I am, and how incredible that movie was.

Just tell me – what did I miss?

(Incidentally, I’m not that crazy about the type of animation used. GIve me Disney’s big eye-ed Bambi et al any day. I thought maybe it was the computer animation of HF that put me off, even though it was said to be ground-breaking, blah blah. But then, I loved Toy Story, and that was pure computer ani. I love all Pixar’s stuff too.

And Shrek. Huge Shrek fan!


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April 7, 2008 at 8:51 am

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