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I’m feeling back to my old self again, thank goodness. I’ve been too hard on myself this past while, really beating myself up about things that aren’t actually in my control.  Sometimes, I guess you just have to pat yourself on the back every now and then and say, “I’m good enough”.

Something that certainly cheered up my day, was a comment from my neighbour this afternoon. This was a fairly unlikely source, actually, because we hardly ever talk to any of our neighbours. We greet them when we see each other outside our garages, but that’s about it.

Anyway, so this afternoon I went outside for some fresh air in our little garden (because some asshat had spent the whole morning spraying paint outside the building and our whole flat stank of it). I saw our neighbour in the garden, working on a painting. I greeted her and Gismo (have I ever blogged about Gismo? He is the Peckinese dog that lives next door and he’s just gorgeous). We ended up chatting and she said that she’s noticed my husband comes home a lot during the day, and that anybody can see he really loves me.

I thought that was nice of her to say. But what she said next was one of the best compliments I have received in a long while.

She said that M & I are quiet neighbours and they don’t hear us much. But when it’s quiet at night, she can hear us laughing together and she doesn’t know what we are laughing about but she feels like laughing too. And she says she can’t hear what we’re saying but she hears us talking so nicely to each other, and that it’s lovely to hear people who love each other like that.

She also said that I have the most lovely, infectious laugh and that when she hears my laugh she just wants to join in.

I have been mulling this over since then and it really does make me feel good, that Michael and I have such a happy home that a stranger next door picked up on it and felt like commenting on it.

I stood in the sun, talking to her, for absolute ages. And here’s the really good part – I didn’t exacerbate from the heat. I seem to have built up much more of a tolerance to heat than, say, a year ago. I would never have been able to stand in the sun and yak like that last year, that’s for sure. I actually enjoyed myself immensely. She’s quite a character, very interesting.  And Gismo was jumping up against the low wall for me to pet him like I’m his bestest friend in the world.

Funny how some days can just surprise you, hey?

Oh yes, and I swam 1 kilometer this morning. My dad asked me if I think I can swim 500m continuously. I reckon I can, so we decided that I may well do a 500m swim at next year’s Lake Heritage with him. (Well, he’ll be doing the 1k race, but there is a 500m event too, so who knows. Anything is possible. In fact, if I can keep up my current ‘no relapses’ regime, I may even join him for the Midmar Mile March 2009.)

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June 6, 2008 at 5:55 pm

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  1. I have ALWAYS thought that you and Michael share an amazing love. You just totally fit and I have never doubted that. You guys look just as in love as the day I found out you were together.


    June 7, 2008 at 6:40 pm

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