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Re: yesterday’s mushy post: On the other hand, it is possible that what the neighbours hear is merely M & I canning ourselves laughing at the tv, which we do most nights, to be frank. Not so romantic, that. I think I prefer the version on Planet Soppy. I am such a Schmaltz-ball, lol.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but watching a bit of tv at night definitely counts as some quality time for us. I call it interactive tv-watching, if there can be such a thing. We watch for each other’s reactions the whole time, sharing a chuckle at a funny part, rolling our eyes at the obvious plots of our local drama that we follow etc. Cheesy grins abound at sweet romantic bits, which remind us (unashamedly) of ourselves. We think we have a great relationship and aren’t afraid to say it.

Talking about ‘our local drama’, I am, of course, referring to 7de Laan. At 6:30pm the whole block of flats resounds with the sound of the opening theme tune. Love it or hate it, 7de Laan is part and parcel of SA culture. We watch it mainly to complain about it, ha ha. The obvious plots, the overacting, the absurd characterisation – but the reason it works, is that that is possibly SA culture in a nutshell. We can be an obvious, overdramatic and absurd bunch. Gotta love us, though.

Anyway, M gets home just as 7de Laan starts, and the food is dished up and we eat supper in front of the telly. Every now and then, I make a token protest about how I would rather eat at the dining room table and ‘talk’, but there are two reasons that we don’t do this. Firstly, the dining-room table is usually piled so high with junk that it would be impossible to find a niche for two dinner plates.

The seond reason is my own fault. Back when we were first married, I was somewhat of a 7de Laan junkie. It was the number one way I used to cope with my MS diagnosis. When I was first laid off work, I was so bored at home that I used to look forward to it all day. Michael, on the other hand, wasn’t so keen on it. So I devised a cunning plan. I started the tradition of dishing up our grub exactly as the theme song played. Positive assosiation and all that. It worked like a bomb, ala Pavlovian dog psychology. Unfortunately, it backfired on me, and now supper just isn’t complete without our daily dose of 7de Laan.

Man, but it’s cold around these parts today. I heard the disturbing rumour that there is a cold front on its way. Disturbing, because I thought we were already in the midst of one. Even more disturbing is the talk of load-shedding returning in all its glory. Cold is one thing, but cold and no electricty is not a nice thought. Not even so much as a cup of Horlicks to warm one (me!) up.


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June 7, 2008 at 10:15 am

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