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Thanks a lot, Jeri! Now MahJong has me in its clutches, too. It is addictive and I have a very addictive personalty as far as this type of game goes. *Must make it to level 3* lol.

Today is coooold. Winter has hit practically overnight. I was just starting to formulate the theory that thanks to global warming, Winter was no more. Well, it’s hard to entertain any thoughts on global warming in the teeth of this cold. Last night my trusty hot water bottle came out of retirement to warm my poor frozen tooties in bed. I just can’t sleep when my feet are cold! If Michael was one of those men that allowed me to put my sub-zero degree feet between his warm thighs there would be no problem… but alas. I guess you can’t have everything in life, lol.

We are trying to think of something fun (and cheap, preferably) to do today. Unfortunately, we have to put another new tyre on our car, and replace the spare, so we can’t justify a frivolous jaunt about town, throwing money about like there is an unlimited supply of it, lol. (Doesn’t that just sound like a lot of fun 😉 )There is a very annoying trend at the moment, where people are purposefully breaking bottles and throwing the shards in the road so that it can bugger up one’s tyres. I cannot fathom that type of mentality!

So failing going out to paint the town red, we are going to have a nice picnic in our garden which is nicely sheltered from the elements, and gets the best of the winter sun. We might even go for a drive through our local game reserve. That’s sounds much more my scene, actually.

Tomorrow will mark two months since my last relapse. In honour of this, I think I will do a Fingolimod post tomorrow, for a change, on how much it has improved my QoL. That’s Quality of Life for those of you who are lucky enough to be healthy and are foreign to the abbreviation.

Ha ha, I just made up a new word. M wants to work on the computer, so I told him I just want to check for ‘spello’s’ so I can publish. Spello’s, how cute is that. Get it?



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June 8, 2008 at 10:10 am

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