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Mac, climb!

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Two months relapse free – La la la. Good stuff this fingolimod. The fingolimod update post is turning out longer than I thought, and I’m still working on it.

In the mean time, here is a photo of  myself with my nephew and godson, Christopher, on my lap (taken on Saturday by my dad). We are sitting on the back of my dad’s bakkie and next to us is Mac the dog. We call him Big Mac, for obvious reasons, though originally he was called Mac (short for mechanic) because he was always under the car as a puppy.

Here is another one with me giving an extremely cheesy grin.

Mac is such a lovely dog. Apart from the show-dog good looks, he also has a stunning nature. He’s our gentle giant and is so good with the little ones. But if you are a criminal, beware – he is also a top-notch guard dog.

Mac’s favourite, favourite thing in all the world is to go riding in the back of the bakkie. My dad takes him out quite often for exercise. He gets off-loaded and has to run on the road after the bakkie to work off some of that doggie energy. But he’s wised-up now and jumps back on before my dad can drive away. He’s not so very keen on the exercise, but oh my, does he love to ride on the back of the bakkie, face up and ears flapping in the wind. Pure, unadulterated doggie heaven.

My dad just has to say, “Mac, climb.” at any given moment, and Mac is on the bakkie, ready to go.

But the latest is that Christopher likes to play on the bakkie when he visits there. And then he will tell Mac to ‘climb’, which Mac of course does. And then he sits there so patiently waiting for his drive, which never comes. Christopher has a swell time though. It’s so sweet.



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June 9, 2008 at 5:40 pm

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