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Yesterday was a fairly productive, if painful day.  My neck has been out this week. At first it was just a shooting pain when I turned it in a certain direction, but it was getting worse and running down into my shoulder. Tried stalling a bit but soon realised I was due for a session at the chiropractor’s. I hate having my neck worked on, but seeing as the alternative is walking around in pain that is just getting worse, I went ahead and made the appointment.

The chiro’s rooms are about 40km away. I didn’t relish the though of driving myself, what with my wonky neck and all. Fortunately, it happens to be within spitting distance of the golf course that Michael wanted to map on his cellphone’s GPS program. So he agreed to take me, if I was prepared to wait for him while he was on the golf course.

While I was in the waiting room, something fantastic happened. The awful wart that I had on my finger flaked off. (This is the gross part – it fell onto the carpet, and I couldn’t find it. lol. A tiny little piece of shrivelled wart-skin, just waiting to be vaccumed up. That’s the most disgusting thing that I’ve done in a while).

Anyway, this wart has been growing for about two months. I know it was a wart because I get them from time to time and know exactly what they look like. I didn’t want to pay R300 for the skin-specialist to make smarmy remarks at my expense (how can I help you? Is it another wart? snigger) and burn it off with liquid nitrogen, which a) is painful for about a week afterwards, and b) is not always successful at removing the wart for good. Also c) I knew there were effective home-remedies.

I had one on my ear about 4 years ago. It was ugly and I had to wear my hair loose to hide it. I actually prefer wearing my hair up. I found a good website on wart-removal home-remedies, one of which was applying castor oil to the affected area (that would be the wart) on a daily basis until the wart is suffocated and dies. Apparently, a wart is caused, most commonly, by human papillomaviruses (HPVs) and people with suppressed immune systems are more susceptible. That made sense, because I never had a problem with warts as a child. Only after the whole MS debacle and subsequent use of immuno-suppressant drugs did I start getting them occasionally. I’ve had about three over the past nine years, which is not a huge amount, but I really don’t like it.

The castor oil technique worked like a bomb for the wart on my ear, but the one on my finger was just a tough old bugger of a wart and didn’t want to go away. So I searched the web again and this time happened on some sites that recommend apple cider vinegar for the job. Michael laughed at me, because I keep a bottle of apple cider vinegar in the fridge and use it to cure just about anything. He says it’s my snake-oil.

Here’s the thing though – it WORKED. All I did was soak a tiny piece of cotton wool with the vinegar, apply it to the wart, cover with a plaster and keep it on overnight. I did this for about 5 consecutive nights, and then it made a little scab and fell off. The skin is smooth and wart-free now, with just a tiny red hole (called a crater) where the root was. And that is healing up fast. Within a couple of days there will be no sign that a wart ever took up residence there. How cool is that?

Yes, so after I flicked off my wart onto the carpet in the waiting room (I feel bad about that, but at least it was a dead wart) I was called in to have my neck manhandled back into place. The chiropractor is completely charming, I really like him a lot. Very old-school and chivalrous, just as a gentleman should be. If he wasn’t nearly three times my age and if I wasn’t a bit in awe of him, I think I’d probably have a wee crush on him. Just because he’s so very good at what he does. I can say that, even though I’m in a lot of pain today, muscles protesting loudly at having been shoved about so roughly. I hardly slept last night. My whole bodt aches, I feel like I’ve been beaten up. Not that I’ve ever been beaten up, but I should imagine it’s a similar feeling.

Seeing as I was there, I asked the doc to pop in my troublesome SI joint, which was giving a bit of trouble (when is it ever not?!).

The thing about chiropractics, is that it’s very relaxing. But only up to a point. One minute you’re being massaged with one of those electric vibrating massagers and having vanilla oil rubbed onto your  neck and then the next, your neck is making sound-effects that a neck should never make. Mine gave an almighty click, which pleased the chiro no end. Just as I was recovering from that, he made me lie face down on the bed. He says to breath in, and honestly one is most reluctant to do that, because you know on the exhale you’re gonna be crushed to the mattress from behind by your ribs. Sure enough, I got it between the shoulder-blades – another loud click. Then onto my side to have my hips crunched back into their sockets. And to think I pay for this, lol.

Normally, I only have one ‘site’ attended to at a time, but my reasoning was why pay for three separate appointments when I can have it all done in one? And of course with the cost of fuel that has sky-rocketed I can hardly afford to drive up and down all the time.  End result is that I am in agony now with my whole body  being stiff and sore. Ow. The day after is normally the worst, so I can look forward to it being better tomorrow. Until then, I’m fairly useless as every movement causes pain.

After that, we went to the golf-course so Michael could finish his mapping there. I stayed in the car and listened to music for an hour. I’m currently having a love affair with Chris Isaak’s song Two Hearts. Beautiful. Also Billy Joel’s And So It Goes. It was so warm and cosy in the car, and the music so lovely, that I nearly fell asleep. Were it not for the throbbing pain in my body (hah!), I may have. But as it is, I did have a total ‘moment’. I was parked next to a low wall, over which I had a view of a winter bare Pine tree and the sweetest little sparrow hopping about on the pine-cones. I took a deep breath (and winced) and then thought how very beautiful life can be if we allow it to.

Then we went home and I’ve been whinging about my neck ever since, lol. 


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June 13, 2008 at 3:17 pm

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  1. Wow, who knew your blog was also the place to go for wart removal info… lol (I’ve never had one, but I sure know what to do if I ever get one!)


    June 14, 2008 at 3:26 am

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